Mar. 7th, 2005

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Anybody else wish that there was a pause button on the world so you could just have all the time you wanted? I know I do. I think my head's gonna asplode. And, of course, it's completely my own fault. I need to talk to a lot of people. I'll have to do that tomorrow before class, cause right now I just wanna rest.

Well, I'm in Skin of Our Teeth. I have a really small part, though. I say one line in the second act, and then I think I randomly come on stage. Oh well, it's definitely better than nothing. Stupid braces... I can't remember when the read-through is, though. Whoops. I should ask during choir to make sure I didn't all ready miss it. Wait, there's no way she could have it in the afternoon...

Other than that, I'm getting nothing done. My room's still a wreck, my stories aren't moving, and about the only thing I can focus on is making music videos. Life just hasn't been liking me these past few years...


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