Mar. 10th, 2005

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Blah... As that thingy said, I have been having a lot of sad and annoying issues that I just don't feel like talking about because I'm sure it's annoying. Also, I'm rather bored and should be going to bed, but I'm not.

I went on a very crazy hunt for icons today and found many that I liked. I seriously wish we could have more than three. I ended up erasing my other two outside of my default one. lol, I could just watch that thing for hours on end... You gotta love Miroku! Anyway, yeah, the Beast Boy and Terra one is gone as is this other one that you rarely saw so I won't mention it. In their places are my two biggest favorites from my excursion. You'll probably see one of them a good chunk, while the other will probably only be for selective audiences much like they way things were before. I don't know WHY I had to tell you this... Maybe it was so I could remember when I switched from those icons that I loved (partly because I made them) to the very amusing ones that people who know what they're doing did that I also love. And the best thing is, I'm still using my default all the time! I'm in a very very odd mood right now, could you tell? Hey, it said to make up a happy story! That's about the happiest I can get without talking about dancing around in a circle with adorable bunnies. Which would make me happy. Of course, lots of things would make me happy, and the one at the top of the list right now would scare many of you badly. I'm sure candy__chan can probably guess, lol... Yeah, I ended up giving her a few icons and I know there's one she really likes, too. See how interesting my life has been?

I changed my MSN name! It was msbbt, which I know sounds oddly familiar. It is now "Watashi to tomo ni Iki, Watashi no Ko o Unde kuren ka?" You know what if means if you're as pathetic as I can be. If you have no idea of what on Earth this goobledigook means, then don't worry about it. It would take me waaaaaay too long to explain, and I'd scare you in the process most likely. Did I mention that I was in a weird mood? Actually, my MSN icon is currently one of my new LJ ones, but there are so many that I like that it'll probably change a kagillion times. Like, I changed it yesterday, and then again today. Heh, I never even use MSN that often... And I played around on AIM, too, just because I was changing stuff. Now if only I could incorporate good changes into my life. I think that would make us all a lot happier. Even happier than we would be with the bunnies.


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