Mar. 15th, 2005

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Beware the Ides of March! Or... something like that, lol. Really, is it fact that Caesar died on this day, or are we just taking it from the Shakespeare? I know they're certain it was 44 B.C. (I refuse to add the freaking E), but still. Bah, I just wanna crawl under my bed and let the world move around for a while without me. Or have it stop, so I won't be as far behind. Things are still messed up and bad, but I just don't wanna mention them. I've been in a very talkative mood today, which I guess is a good thing.

I actually put up a new story yesterday. It was a one chapter thingy, but I'm proud of myself. I also, sadly, got an idea for a new one, so now I've got around nine that are technically on my "To Do" list, although I refuse to do them all at once. I've also got DVDs to watch and video games to beat. And the games are mostly original Nintendo remakes, cause those are freaking impossible for someone as bad as I am.

Nothing else too exciting. Bri (from college) finally found her puppet Fermina who had been kidnapped since January. Still don't know who was behind the "theft." Somebody found her inside this random suit of armor in the theater office. She was really happy about it, which made me laugh. And there is my story about someone I've never mentioned to any of you before!

...Can't focus... Must find something to do, but can't... Crap.


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