Mar. 23rd, 2005

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I'm feeling better! I mean, the problem's still there, but personally I'm doing great! I still have a lot of work to do, but I can! You know what's really weird? The stories that I care the least about writing are the ones that do the best for me! Seriously. I made this one chapter story just for the heck of it, and in the last four days nearly twenty people have reviewed it. It's insane! I don't understand it at all... Oh well.

Yesterday in choir, Dr. J said he would have a big announcement for us today. And of course, we all knew what it would be about. That being where next summer's international tour will be. They've gone to places like Norway, France, Germany, Italy, and most recently Ireland. So at the end of rehearsal today, he finally decided to tell us, not without a joke about "I just saved big money on my car insurance..." Hee hee, I thought it was funny. And now, this is pretty much exactly what he said to us, and my mental reaction.

DR. J: Have you heard of Lake Victoria?
ME: (being the geography whiz that I am, my eyes went very wide at this. Everyone else just nodded while trying to remember where it is)
DR. J: Have you heard of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
ME: (everyone else still seemed to not fully catch what he was getting at. I was about falling off my seat)
DR. J: We will be going to Tanzania.

I had seen this coming, but still, I freaked out with everyone else. And the seniors were mad, but they can come if they really want to. Dr. J even said so. So yeah. As long as I get back in gear with my school work, get a job, and something doesn't happen that makes this plan fall through (which is highly possible), I will be in Africa for about two weeks next summer. Seriously.

For those of you who still are confused, this is where I'll be (I hope):

Actually, there's a story behind this. While on tour, we went to a church that has a sister church there, which is what got Dr. J interested in the first place, I think. We're mostly going there to help show them what it means to be Lutheran, and he told those of us that aren't that we'll have to be for this trip, lol. He also said that it's a British country, so their English will be better than ours. Again, it could possibly fall through, but he said he didn't want to tell us until he was pretty much positive that this was going to work. He even said that there would be two days for Safaris! So, I REALLY need to get a job set up while I'm on break, get my grades back up, and get a new passport, probably a Visa, and a lot of shots. Yay!

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