Apr. 3rd, 2005

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Well, I'm back at school! My apologies to the Sioux City friends that I missed. The whole teeth thing set me back a few days. Now I need to focus on my school work! ...Crap...

As I said in my last entry, I really liked the Pope. I mean, yeah, I'm Presbyterian, but he stood for a lot of things that I stand for. And other things that I don't stand for, which makes me like him even more because differences are cool! I never watch the news, and yet when I first turned to, well, the Spanish channel, actually, and then I went to MSNBC because I couldn't tell what they were saying, I just kept watching it. I loved hearing about all of the stuff that he did. And, of course, the explanations of what happens next for those of us who have no clue. He was sort of THE pope for our generation. We grew up with him. Every pope from now on will be judged by his standard in our minds. That's just how life works. And I love the Popemobile. It's the coolest car on the planet. I want one. Seriously. I don't know what entails getting the title of "the Great", especially since there are only two popes from like 500 AD who have gotten that, but I think John Paul II deserves it. If people outside of the Roman Catholic church are this sad about it, you know he was doing extraordinary things. And inside, of course.

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Oh yeah! Exactly 3 weeks til my birthday! ^_^

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