Apr. 24th, 2005


Apr. 24th, 2005 12:00 am
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Hee hee, about to go to bed. Maybe more later. Yay birthday!



Apr. 24th, 2005 10:35 am
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I just turned 19... now! I'm opening presents soon, I think. I need to finish writing this thing for my ff.net mass update, though ^^. And yeah, WriterGurl, April seems to have a lot of birthdays o_O. I think it's a conspiracy. Maybe a third update! (Hey, it's my birthday, give me a break!)

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Well, outside of my two random entries earlier, here's how my birthday went:

I woke up, wrote, and opened presents. My mom got me like fifty million cards, I swear. But I got some funny T Shirts, DVDs, and some drawing stuff and my Grandma sent me brownies and my brother, who is still the best gift giver in my family, found a cel from Inuyasha online. Yeah. He says he chooses to believe it's real, so I'll go with that ^_^.

Then I went to work, which is usually boring. Except this time, about 45 minutes in my stomach started killing me. I had only had a few sips of juice, so I didn't know what the problem was, and I decided to lay down in the coat closet because no one was there and if someone did show up, they'd just think I was checking on something. So, I stayed there in pain for a while, and finally decided to go to the bathroom, where I proceeded to blarf several seconds later. Yes, I said blarf. It was mostly nothing, too, which made it suck even more. Then I felt awful for the next two hours and sipped on some 7 Up. Then, I felt better and started eating. My parents called around this point to talk to me, and apparently it had been snowing in Michigan, which made me laugh. I said, "See, you should have stayed here with me!" Yeah. Then I went back to my room, ordered pizza, and sat around doing nothing online. It wasn't as god awful as I expected, but still not my best. Oh well. I'm 19, at least ^_^.


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