May. 16th, 2005

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Well, interesting weekend. I'm gradually moving out (still have a lot, but my life'll be easier on Thursday now). I also went home for some job interviews today. I know I didn't get one job, but hopefully I get the one with Beyond the Bell. I'd be getting paid to look after kids! I'll find out soon on that one. But I have experience in that field, so maybe I'll get lucky. It'd be at East Middle, too, so it's not too far from my house.

Then things got fun! I was done around 2:15, and we went to buy some groceryish stuff. I was feeling icky, and eventually blarfed by the time we got to North Sioux. It was around 2:45 by now, and although resting sounded good, I suddenly remembered a meeting I needed to go to at 4. So, we kept going after a short break, and I felt better eventually. Actually, I think I've figured out these random episodes, like the one I had on my birthday. But I don't feel like explaining. And no, I'm not doing anything bad!!! Well, sort of. Not taking my medicine and randomly taking the full dosage again isn't a good idea, though... There, you see? I explained!

So, yeah, boring meeting, got dinner with my mommy (my daddy's been at work), and here I am. And yes, I did say the title of this with Teen Girl Squad inflection to my mom, but not the voice because she doesn't know that (thank the heavens, lol). And we talked about anime, because my mom actually thinks it's interesting and likes a few. Hee hee, yay for getting her hooked on Fruits Basket! Okay, I'm done now. I should study... *really doesn't want to, but I have no choice* Later!


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