Jun. 16th, 2005

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I'm going to Chicago tomorrow! Yay! I finally get to see "Curse of the Crying Heart." We can't see "Dave DaVinci Saves the Universe," though, cause my brothers in both and Curse takes precedence cause it's a big theater festival thingy out there. I'm so excited! It's this samurai thing, and I guess my brother is a demon. He's the villain of the trilogy. This is part two. Okay, I'm done talking about the play. I haven't really been to Chicago since last July (excluding the plane switching in October), so it'll be fun. I love Chicago. If there was voice over work there, I'd totally live there. Not just because I could go to a lot of Cubs games, either. I just love the atmosphere there. Well, I have a 9 hour car ride ahead (isn't it funny how the states freaking border each other, but I could probably get to Kansas faster?), and I haven't packed yet. My mom is staring at me funny. I better go. See ya when I get back!


(By the way, if you see my dad, he couldn't come, so say hi to him. Especially because we're going to miss most of Father's Day. ...I haven't gotten him anything yet XD)

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