Jun. 23rd, 2005

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Since I'm totally not up much later than I should be (>.>;;), I thought I'd check in. Curse of the Crying Heart was the greatest play EVER!! Shawn (S-h-a-w-n, lol) was a demon, and he made all of the demons on those animes I watch look like pussy cats. Yes, even Sesshomaru. It was so so so so cool, though! I may force everyone to watch the DVD of it whenever they get it done. I mean, how many plays have flying ninja fighters? One, that's how many!

I randomly decided to change all of my icons. Yes, I even got rid of that Miroku and Sango one I had for... forever. Although, I replaced it with an equally weird one that I made myself, hee hee. The other two are ones that I got elsewhere that I enjoy. You'll see them eventually. *sigh* I really wish we could have more than three and still be cheap skates.

Rummage sale at my church on Saturday! I'm selling a bunch of my old crap and all of the funds I make go to my Tanzania trip, so buy my junk! Westminster Presbyterian, in case you didn't know. Okay, if my mom sees I'm still awake, I'll be in trouble. And I need to finish reading this week's Inuyasha chapter online... Laters!


P.S.- Happy Birthday, themonkeymaiden! ...It's today, right? o.o;

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