Sep. 3rd, 2005

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Okay, time for my long in coming Katrina rant. Most of my comments will be taken from conversations I've had with Evan over the last few days. Anyway, yeah. New Orleans had it coming. Wait a second, I'll explain! I remember around the time Charley or Ivan or one of those big hurricanes was running around and it looked like it might hit New Orleans, and I distinctly remember hearing them say that it was a disaster waiting to happen. I mean, come on. This is living proof that you don't cut costs since the odds of a category 5 hurricane are slim. The people did not have it coming. The city did. Plus, did anyone even like New Orleans? I swear, this pandemonium down there isn't anything different from how crazy it usually is. It just isn't "fun" crazy. I think they should just forget the levees, leave the water, and make it the American version of Venice. You know, gondoliers rowing through the French Quarter singing jazz music... That would be so awesome. But is anyone even going to move back? I know I wouldn't. Especially after having to live in a football stadium for who knows how long. What makes me mad is that fuel prices are skyrocketing, and we're trying to get finalized plans for Tanzania. I've worked so hard to raise money! Kathy must be able to pay for it! Dr. J hasn't told us what it is as of now, but still! We should get a "college choir on a good will mission" discount. You know who I blame for this whole mess? No, not Katrina. Katrina isn't even a person. That's right, as always, I blame Bush!

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