Oct. 13th, 2005

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Well, I'm a mix between feeling crappy and feeling good right now. Crappy cause I'm slowly falling back into the pit I was in last year and I'm trying to stop myself, but it's really hard. Good because I woke up in time to take my medicine this morning, lol. Actually it was courtesy of a fire alarm. I assume someone pulled it, which at 8:15 in an 8 story dorm could probably get you killed. But I had class at 8:30, so I totally threw on my clothes, grabbed my stuff, stuck my fingers in my ears, and went out the normal way without using the fire doors, lol. It was buzzing intermittently, that always meant tornado back in the day! And I had just woken up. But that was an adventure.

Thanks to Susan giving me Photoshop, I made a new icon! See it? It's right there. No, that's not my old one of them. I actually made this one this time, using my guilty pleasure picture of Beast Boy crying, hee hee. And one I had of Terra, obviously. I still have my old one with Sango, it's just not the default anymore. I'll probably be making a lot more icons, too, which will definitely make my decision on which three to be using hard. Oh well... Once I get a batch done, I'll post them here. And then link to places that actually care XD.

Stalker.net, I mean, um, Facebook has proved more amusing than I expected. Schneider mentioned at breakfast that I should look for Katie Maas (even though her mom and my mom talk all the time) and Megan Krmpotich, and I actually found the latter! Haven't talked to the girl in over four years, but I put her as a friend, lol.

Other than that, yeah. I'm not getting on messenger much until I can work myself out, but if you see me log on and you wanna chat, say hi, cause I will not be starting any conversations, especially now. Laters!


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