Oct. 26th, 2005

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Okay, here's the entry you all probably wanted to see! My account of my wonderful trip to the Big Apple this weekend! And I actually only ate strawberries fruit wise.

FRIDAY: We arrived around 7, went to our hostel (Upper West side my foot, we were in Harlem), and then went and bought Metro cards! Kathy got her first ride on a subway. Wheee! Then we went to Time Square. When I got out of the subway station on 42nd street, I thought my eyes were going to burn out of their sockets. There were so many lights and people and tall, interesting buildings! I couldn't help but gawk and take pictures, hee hee. Then we wandered around aimlessly, ate some Italian, Rahul and Shruti and I got lost and ended up walking past the swanky district and the southern edge of Central Park, and that was about it. Got back around midnight.

SATURDAY: Started off the day with a backstage tour of Wicked! Wow, it was cool. We got to see costumes, and the stage (which I couldn't take a picture of, but it was amazing), and two guys from the cast talked about the basics, since we obviously couldn't see the fancy stuff. It was really cool, since we all knew it would be next to impossible to get into the actual show. Then we met some actress lady and ate at this uberly expensive place which didn't make me very happy. After that, Rahul, Shruti, and I saw Fiddler on the Roof (starring Harvey Fierstein and Rosie O'Donnell). It was so good! It didn't have any gigantic special effects, but everything was still amazing. Lotsa fun. Then we wandered around again, and I got lost trying to find the other show (Off-Off-Broadway) I wanted to see, and it was raining, so I gave up and fortunately remembered how to get back to the subway.

SUNDAY: This is my favorite story day. Out of the 13 of us students, 11 wanted to see shows (Rahul and Shruti wandered around again and I gave them my phone since theirs don't work in the states). 10 of us were going around and trying the lotteries. Basically, you put your name down on a sheet of paper and if you want 1 or 2 tickets, and they draw them about 2 hours before the performance. The tickets are in the front row and cost around 25 dollars. Of the 10 people trying (all of us asking for 2), 2 people won for Avenue Q and 3 people won for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. We tried Wicked, but no one got it. Well, the 11th person, Halcyon, stood in the cancellation line there for 3 hours and managed to get a seat 12th row center. Needless to say, we were all jealous. But anyway, I saw Avenue Q which was freaking amazing! I loved it so much! What surprised me was how many people did more than one character puppet wise, and there was another girl who would control the second puppet if they both had to be onstage. They would even keep the facial expression of the puppet they were holding, even if they were talking for the other one! Oh, twas so good... Three people don't have puppets, sort of the older and wiser ones like on Sesame Street. They even had these little screens that would have animations and such on them, keeping up with the adult Sesame Street theme. I can expand for anyone who wants me to later. Then we all met up, got dinner quickly, and eventually made our way to the Upright Citizens Brigade improv show which Julia wanted all of us to go to. It was pretty good. I wasn't amazed or anything, but I liked it. Then we wandered around for a while, saw a guy get splashed by a puddle from a passing taxi (Shadenfreude!), and eventually went back.

MONDAY: First off, we met this lady who does a lot of different theater thingies and she talked to us for a while, blah blah blah. Then I went with Rahul and Shruti to this Indian restaurant that they found, and since their from India, they knew what everyone was and told me what I should get, since it was an all you can eat buffet thingy. The food was a little spicy, but it really wasn't too bad. Then we went to the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero T_T, and Shruti and I managed to find the Kinokuniya Bookstore, which was awesome! Then we (ironically) all ate at a Japanese restaurant, which also had great food and saw Altar Boyz. It was so funny! It's like a parody of N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys sort of styles, but they're a Christian group. I recommend the soundtrack (and the show) to all. And then we went and got cheesecake at Roxy's in Time Square. Holy freaking crap. They literally had mugs of hot chocolate (cause it was raining again), and huge pieces of cheesecake. I got strawberry, and I ate the whole thing! Yay me! Then I went back and went to bed.

TUESDAY: I came back. It was boring.

Pictures to come!!!

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