Nov. 22nd, 2005

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*sigh* Thank the heavens it's Thanksgiving!!! I'm so excited to go home!!! Hm, let's see, what's happened since my last update? Oh yeah. Johannah died on Friday. I went to the Memorial Service last night. It was open casket, but due to some wonderful twists of fate and people's heads, I never saw her. See, I have this little thing called necrophobia, and seeing dead anything else creeps me out enough. I never ever want to see a dead person. Ever. I don't even understand why we have the whole open casket thingy. I mean, if we believe that bodies and souls are separate entities and that the soul has gone on to someplace else, that being the person, then why do people want to stare at an empty shell? My dad and I were talking about it last night, actually.

So yeah, I need to do some final packing here and then I get to go home T_T. Yayness! If anyone wants to do anything with me, give me a ring. Preferably on my home phone, but my cell might be on if your lucky. Elsa and Mike are coming, but I'm totally willing to ditch them, lol. Well, I do need to spend some time with them, obviously, but I have no problem hanging out with other people. And it's her birthday on Sunday, and I have no idea of what to give her. El will probably be getting a very nice card, lol. Okay, gotta go! Laters!


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