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I haven't updated in a while... Frankly, it's because my life was really boring and now that it's interesting I'm too busy. So, here goes:

Shawn's home!!! Yay! He came in last night and will be here until Sunday. I'm so happy! He's so much fun! I was kind of afraid he'd want his DVDs back cause I haven't had a chance to watch them yet, but it sounds like I can keep them for a while longer. Actually, we watched one of the movies last night. It's like the best movie ever. Of course, that's Miazaki for you (I can't spell). I saw Howl's Moving Castle on Monday and it was great. The one I watched with Shawn last night was the one that you never see anywhere, "My Neighbor Totoro." As I said, I loved it to death. It was the cutest thing ever. Shawn even says it's one of his favorites. He even told me the order to watch the other ones in. Kiki's Delivery Serivce next, then Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Porko-Rosso, and, quote, Grave of the Fireflies when I'm in the mood for the "saddest movie ever." Then all I'll need to do is hunt down Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind and I've got the Studio Ghibli movies covered! These are the people that Pixar idolizes, so you know they're good. But I highly suggest Totoro to everyone.

Let's see, what else? Um, huh. I guess my life's just been boring otherwise. Oh wait! I thought of some stuff! Over the last month or so, I've been getting these weird red bruise things everywhere, and we think we've finally figured out how to stop them (I had to go to the dermatologist...), but they're going to take FOREVER to heal, and I can't wear long sleeves and pants when it's hot, so if you see me and notice all of that red stuff, that's what happened.

My mom will kill me for this next part, but I'm rather worried, even though she isn't. She didn't even tell me about it until a week ago, which made it that much worse, but I didn't want to mention it until we got the positive, which was today. Hear me out before you freak out and run out to buy flowers or something. The very short story is my mom has skin cancer. The long "there's nothing to worry about" story is that it's Basil Cell (sp?), which the the most common and easiest to take care of one. All they have to do is remove the skin (all of it, down to the bone) where the cancer is, and it's just a little tiny spot on the top of her head, and she's all good. Well, I don't know how it's supposed to heal, and I keep telling her we're going to go out and buy her a lot of hats, but yeah. I'm worried, but that's just me. It's nothing to freak out about. I just thought you all should know. The lesson here is: Wear hats and sunscreen!!!

Until something else interesting happens again:
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Wow. I have stories tonight. First off, let's start with the lovely adventure I had when I was pet sitting. You'll need to know the main cast in this. It includes myself, Bart the dog, and Boo and Cala the cats. I get in the door this evening and Bart looked like he really wanted me to let him out in the backyard. So, I closed the door (so I thought, it must have been open a crack), let him do his business and came back in. I then went to where their food dishes were. The ones for the cats are on a shelf higher than Bart's (this is important later). I get over there and fill the ones for the cats, and Cala immediately starts eating out of Boo's dish, which she apparently likes to do. I go down to Bart's only to find that he's managed to get a ton of his dry dog food into his water. It looked and smelled disgusting. I had to figure out how to clean this up. While I was trying to drain the water out (and not hit Cala with my elbow), I wondered why I hadn't seen Boo. I thought I had heard him mewing, but he was no where in sight.

It was at this point that I heard the storm door close. After saying a choice word, I raced outside, making sure the door was shut this time, and began looking for Boo. I could hear him mewing, but I couldn't see him. I finally found him under their car. He would not let me get to him. After probably 20 minutes of a battle of wills, I realized the only way I would ever get him was if I got him far enough out from under the car that I could grab him. Eventually, he left, but went under a bush which made it even harder to get him. The worst part was he was on the edge of a retaining wall and I was afraid he was going to leap down into the neighbor's backyard. Fortunately, he seem interested in the bush and followed it around to face the street. He was slowly making his way toward where I was standing, and I was creeping forward. As he inched along, eating the grass, which was gross but I figured getting him inside was most important at this point, he ended up standing directly beneath me. I reached down, grabbed him, and went back inside, scolding him all the way. Then there was still the case of Bart's water dish. I finally dumped it in the trash and refilled the water at the sink, since I was holding the dish. Normally, I put it in a jug and bring it over. As I was about to put it back in Bart's spot, Cala decided that it would be a good time to leap up to her shelf. Yeah. Water everywhere. So not only did I have to refill his dish, I had to clean up the water on the floor! Lots of fun...

Another reason this was a mess goes with my next story, also why I'm writing this at 1 am. Me, Lindsey, and Rachel went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. I was supposed to meet them at 7:30, but I got there at seven and Boo alone took me half an hour. Anyway, we hung out for a while and stuff. On to the movie! It was so funny. I loved it! It followed the book as well as I can remember, too. The ending was really weird, but over all very clever and funny movie. I suggest it. Heh, the Oompa Loompas are great. As is Johnny Depp. But that's no surprise. The kids were all really good in their roles, as well. And one of the grandmother's is hilarious. "I love grapes!" We then had to go out to Wal Mart and buy chocolate, which I am in the process of eating. Yum...

My mom has finished Harry Potter six. I start reading it tomorrow! Yay! I'm kind of nervous, but she said that nothing happened that she didn't expect, which made me feel better. She also told me to have set times to read, if that says anything about page turning ability. I also found out that the Goblet of Fire movie comes out in November.

One last amusing story from Saturday night. I was watching Inuyasha, big surprise. There was a character that I knew was coming up named Bankotsu and I really wanted to hear how his dub voice sounds. The guy who does him, Matt Hill, has done characters like Kira on Gundam Seed and Ed on Ed Edd n Eddy, so I didn't know what to expect. I pretty much know what he can do, so I figured out a certain voice he could do that would be great, even though I know very little about Bankotsu. Anyway, he had about two lines at the end of the episode and it was exactly how I wanted him to do it! I was really excited. In my happiness, I said "Bankotsu!" a la Ed because I'm prone to talking like him. Then I realized that the same guy does both of their voices. So I started laughing hysterically and my mom wondered what I was doing.

Okay, that's it. One overly interesting day plus a bonus story! Don'tcha love my incredibly long entries?
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Well, I've been busy. I made $38.70 at the rummage sale. Yay me. Look out for dripping sarcasm. Anyway, a lot of random stuff has been happening. Like me trying to explain the weather condition of "splurting" to my parents (it's when it's sprinkling on and off! Come on!). And my dad saying that "We're spreading freedom and democracy by fighting." And me having a dentist appointment today at 2 and an orthodontist one at 3. My mouth'll be hurting sooner or later. I still need to watch the DVDs my brother gave me. Especially before our third annual anime party. What's sad is that I never have anything to contribute to those. Except Inuyasha. But now I'll have Studio Ghibli once I watch them! Limited time offer! Eh, okay. In other news, using glitches in the original Pokemon games to your advantage is fun! It can't be cheating if it's built into the game! *kills everything with Mew*

...I haven't written a thing in weeks. I need to do that at some point.

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I know I haven't updated/commented in forever, but I've been, well, home. We have dial up here, so my access is limited. I know I've been "tagged" on a few things, but, well, I don't really have the time right now ^^;. Geez, that insanely depressing episode of FMA is on. Like, it's one of the few I've seen, but still. Adorable four year olds shouldn't die. ...Heh, sorry for spoilers anybody.

So, yeah. I'm desperately trying to get a job. I went to graduation tonight. Yay everybody who got out of that hell hole! I wanna go to the parade tomorrow, but if I get lucky and get a job, I may not be able to come. ...You never know! I also need to catch up on anime and manga, and look into new interesting things. And the recent Inuyasha episodes (on TV) have been pretty crappy. Stupid fillers... Okay, I should go. Just letting you know I'm still out here. Somewhere. Oh yeah, I saw Star Wars (commercial just came on)! It was better than the other two. I can't remember the first three, or, um, next three very well, but I think they were better. But getting rid of Hayden Christensen is always a good thing. I kind of wish I had seen more of the Clone Wars cartoon, though, since it was the lead in to this. I did see the cool four armed robot guys first appearance (Some title Grevious, I can't remember)! Okay, NOW I'm going. Back to the really sad FMA episode. I like this show. Glad they're this early into it so I can watch it! ...Seriously, I'm stopping...

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Well, today was fun, I guess. We had to sing Vivaldi's "Gloria" with the South Dakota Symphony tonight and my parents came up to see it. We had supper at Fuddruckers, which was good as always. It was kind of funny, cause "Best Years of Our Lives" came on the radio and I couldn't stop laughing. candy__chan will understand that reference. Then we went to Best Buy cause we still had like an hour and I FINALLY got the next Inuyasha DVD. I HAVE EPISODE 78 NOW!!! WOOO!!! True, I did all ready see it, but it was like 3 in the morning, and I have a few subtitled clips, but this is still nice ^^. I'll probably watch it... soonish. Heh, even though I missed it for Elsa's stupid wedding and they stopped showing new ones right after it until January (of which I missed all, lol), I am still victorious!!!

The performance went well. My parents said the first half was really good, too, as we were only in the second. Then we got ice cream. Yum. I mean, I'm still having problems, but that doesn't mean I can't have a good time! Christie and I even hung out last night. Yeah. Shocking. We watched the first half of Harry Potter, hee hee.

Okay, if you wanna stop reading now, feel free, cause I'm gonna start ranting about the world now. Most specifically, what the crack monkey is wrong with it. I mean, people are dying everywhere!!! Okay, I know this is technically normal, but all of these murders are driving me crazy! People are getting killed at church services and funerals! FUNERALS! And then people are shooting judges and/or their families! I just don't understand it. This is just a terrible, terrible time in world history. And there's nothing we can do. Well, there was one thing, but that ended on November 2nd. Grrr. *sigh* Oh well, at least I have brownies...


I win!!!!

Jan. 22nd, 2005 07:01 am
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I haven't gone to bed yet. Yes, I've been up since yesterday (at 11ish). Why, you ask? Because 12 hours ago, my dorm started a Lord of the Rings Marathon. All three extended versions. Me and this guy I don't know were the only two who saw it ALL. And we were both going for that, anyway, so it was fun! I've been wanting to watch all three in a row, and now I have. True, most people showed up when there was free pizza, but that's their loss, right? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sleep until an undetermined time in the afternoon... And yes, I cried at the end. Again. So shoot me, it always gets to me!

Whenever I wake up,
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Well, if you were wondering about my lack of updates (and I'm sure you weren't), it's because nothing's really been happening in my little world. The only really interesting thing is the fact that I did something that embarrassed the crap out of me in improv last night, but I refuse to go into details. Class is fun. Some of the musicals are very disturbing, but oh well. We get to watch "Waiting for Guffman" today! Yippee! Anyway, to let you know that I didn't die or anything, I stole this survey thingy from Chuy!


Age: 18
Sex: No way! Ha ha ha, female
B-date: April 24, 1986
Chinese Astrological Sign: Tiger (yay Kisa!)
Do you know any famous people that share your sign?: Apparently Chuy does! (and apparently he's famous)
Siblings: One brother and one sister
Pets: One turtle (Duluth) and two fish (Sango and Terra)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120
Piercings: No
Tattoos: No


Color: Pink
Animal: Turtle
Food: Pizza
Drink: Vanilla Coke (starts crying)
Ice cream: Double Strawberry (Blue Bunny outdid themselves with that...)
Music: things from cartoons, Disney movies, normal movies, and anime
Book: Lord of the Rings
Band: *stares blankly*
Song: "Change the World" by V6
Sport: Golf and Baseball
Store: Suncoast
Clothes: Anything comfy. And with some design that shows what I like or think.
Accessories: Hats
Movie: Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo
Actress: *stares blankly again*
TV Show: Animaniacs (there are so many others that I love, too...)

Random Q's

Who would you like to meet?: Bush so I can trick him into saying that he's not really running this country.
Dream job: Voice Actress
Dream car: Anything that drives
Dream house: If it has a roof, I'll take it
Ever Broken Anything?: Not a bone. I've broken other things, though. Like pencils.
Ever gotten in a car accident?: I was in the car when my mom had a fender bender
Do you believe in Angels?: Yes
Do you believe in heaven?: Yes
Do you believe in hell?: Yes, but I don't think anyone can go there thanks to Jesus (except Hitler)
Ever been out of the country?: Yep
Worst fear?: Death

Relationships Q's

Got a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Never ^_^
Ever had your heart broken?: No
Ever cheated?: No (in all senses of the word)
How would you react if your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated?: I'd say things to let them know that I knew without really saying it to torture them mentally.
How would you react if your husband/wife cheated?: See above

Last Q

Like this survey?: I don't know. Do you mean "Did I like it?" or "What other things are like it?" (I'm kidding, by the way)
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I thought I should check in. I don't have any homework, and tonight's improv isn't for a while, so... yeah. Class has been going fine. Watching movies really isn't that challenging, you know? We watched West Side Story yesterday and made many jokes about the dancing gangs. Then we watched the Sound of Music today. Seeing that after so many years made me realize something: that movie is really stupid! The only truly good part is at the end when the dad is singing "Edelweiss" (however you spell that) at the music competition. And those marionettes they use... *shudders* Those things are nightmare inducing, I swear! Tomorrow we're watching Cabaret, which I have never seen, so that'll be fun.

Improv was a lot of fun yesterday. We played Challenge and I actually won a game!!! That was like my third time playing it, I think... Yay me!!! It was sort of a fluke, but still. We have the improv fest coming up and we do a long-form show for that, which is why I keep having rehearsals. But I love it! I'm also having difficulties rearranging my room varying from poster once again not staying up to my printer running low on color ink. I wonder if I can just buy some somewhere; I don't believe that I can only order this stuff online. Dell just wants more money.

It looks like I have to get my teeth pulled next Friday. And I don't mean my Wisdom teeth, which are still living happily under my gums. These are the ones they have to pull for my braces. I haven't told my mom that next Friday is really the only time that will work, and once I do, I'll have to tell Dr. J. I pick up on music really quickly, though, so I'll probably be fine. But it'll stink. I've never had a surgery before, so I'm also kind of nervous about it... Oh well, such is life I guess. Stupid Wisdom teeth, I wish I could just get all eight (including the four for my braces) now and get it over with! My mouth has always been behind, though. I didn't get all of my baby teeth out until like sophmore or junior year in high school. Or maybe it means that I'm just not wise yet... lol.

Here's a quiz I stole from themonkeymaiden and Chuy:

FAVORITE SMELLS: Blueberry Muffins
COMFORT FOOD: Cotton Candy
FUTURE CHILD'S NAME: ...I haven't thought that far ahead
GLASS HALF-EMPTY OR FULL:Depends. Did you fill it to that point or empty it to there?
HOW MANY CITIES/TOWNS HAVE YOU LIVED IN: Two or Three (if you count college)


Until I get bored and/or something interesting happens,
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I gotta make this quick cause I still have more reading to do, but I thought I'd let you know I'm resettled in here. My class is fun. We watch musicals! ...And have some books to read obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be saying this'll be a short one. One of the movies we get to watch is "Waiting for Guffman." I LOVE that movie!

No roomie at this point, but it's not really second semester yet. I have two calendars now; my mother got me the Inuyasha monthly one. It's totally awesome, except the one month that has Kikyo on it is April, my birthday month!!!! Gr... But every time there's a New Moon, they have a picture of human Inuyasha! I was laughing for like ten minutes after I noticed it!

The whole braces thing has gotten messed up beyond belief. They apparently can't put everything in until I get the teeth pulled that they told us to. They told my mother originally that it would be all right if I still had them because they could work around it at first, but apparently not. It's a huge mess, and I am not in a good mood about it.

As I was saying, I must be working (and trying not to fall asleep). I shall return here... sometime.

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Wow. I can't believe it's all ready 2005. Why, it seems like just yesterday it was 2004! Wait, it was... Anyway, I've been okay outside of the whole braces thing, but I am getting used to those. It was icy all day so me and themonkeymaiden had to put our date on hold, but we're trying for tomorrow and daemongard will be joining us, so it'll be fun. We're seeing "The Incredibles," by the way. I've wanted to see it for so long!!!

Yesterday was probably the first time I didn't do anything really at midnight. I went over to candy__chan's and we watched Inuyasha movie 2 (I still love it!), Azumanga Daioh (weird...), and Dectective Conan/Case Closed. I haven't seen the latter in a while, so it was nice to see again. Movie 2 is so good! I thought it would have been funny if the lady in the mirror decided to see what the dark desire in everyone's hearts was (other than Inuyasha) and went to Miroku and she screamed in disgust and the mirror broke. Hee hee hee...

Wow, this takes time to write *now watching Inuyasha* I haven't seen this one... Anyway, I've been having a good time! My mother now loves Fruits Basket. She watched the whole series with me. Her favorite was Yuki. FLUFFY!!! Sorry, still watching TV... It's Hachi! Okay, I should stop, I haven't seen this one before... Good grief, who hasn't shown up?

Oh yeah. I go back early Monday morning after part two of my braces get finished. I wonder if I'll get a roommate? I feel bad cause I missed a lot of people I wanted to give presents to, but maybe you'll get a really really late one or something ^_^. Watching TV. Talk to ya later!

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Well, I am officially stuck with metal and wires in my mouth for who knows how long. My lips are killing me! These darn things are just making them sore! I haven't even eaten anything that required chewing because I couldn't. Braces suck. They suck on ice. Who invented braces anyway? I'd like to shoot them... The only remotely amusing part was picking rubber band colors. I didn't realize there were so many options. I went with purple and black (look at the icon, you'll figure it out).

In other news, due to my severe depression and pissed off-ness, I spent all day watching DVDs. And not just any DVDs. The second Inuyasha movie came out today, and I went and bought it before I was subjected to this prolonged torture. I watched it as soon as I got home. I must say, it is much better than the first one. I really liked it. Although the scene that everyone and their dog knows about was totally out of character and I wasn't too excited. I did like the very end though, hee hee hee...

Then I watched the first half of Fruits Basket for the rest of the night, interrupting it shortly to watch episode 56 of Inuyasha both for a break and because it's my favorite of the ones that I own. My mom seemed a little disturbed, but it's that one with that demon princess that Miroku and Sango go after, so it's explainable. But yeah, 13 episodes of my newest DVDs (thank you, Shawn!)! It was nice, actually. That Momiji is great... Of course, I like Kagura a lot too. And Haru. And Kisa, but she hasn't been on yet.

ERG!!! These things are a pain!!! I have to go spend the next five hours brushing before I can go to bed... Damn you, braces!!! Damn you, I say!!!

Yes, I'm so upset that I'm swearing. This means that I'm really really mad. Few things can cheer me up, most of them involve entertainment. Like I really want to see "The Incredibles." I should ask my friends if they want to go with me... Oh well, I should go if I ever plan on sleeping tonight.

Whenever I get around to it again,

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