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Well, I'm trying to work through my horribly messed up existence. But I won't go into details, as usual. I had my juries today. I don't understand the concept of those. And why are they called "Juries?" Am I in trouble? There certainly weren't 12 unbiased people there, let me tell you. There were three. That were on the biased side. It went pretty well, though.

I just got wonderful second-hand information today that Terra is coming back on Teen Titans. If I find some proof, you'll hear me screaming ^_^.

In other news, I really wish I hadn't gotten candy__chan into Case Closed/Detective Conan.



Jan. 18th, 2005 05:45 pm
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Well, somebody called in a bomb threat today. Apparently for the Humanities building at 6 o'clock, of all times and places. I personally don't believe it, but they closed the building a few minutes ago just in case. And by a few minutes ago, I mean I still had all of my classes in there. How safe. It's kind of like middle school all over again, except this time me and Alicia Folkers didn't figure out who it was before the cops did. Mostly because she isn't even at this school, but still.

I got a PDQ Bach CD yesterday. It has the famous (in my house, at least) "New Horizons in Music Appreciation: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony" on it. It's so funny! Schiekle and this other guy commentate it like a football game. I'm listening to it now... LOL!!! Another funny CD that I at least listened to yesterday was the VeggieTales "plug in your name" CD that I got from my sister. It made me laugh so much. I think the only reason I liked it was it was VeggieTales. Hearing Larry the Cucumber saying my name was a little surprising. My parents got me a new alarm clock. It has a CD player and a radio and I can wake up to one of those or a buzzer. I still have my other one working, too. So now, I can have a large variety of things to get me out of bed ^^. I should totally use my VeggieTales one of these days. With Larry saying my name so much, I'm sure I'd wake up.

Well, nothing's blown up yet, but there's still like fifteen minutes to go. If it actually does happen (Ha ha ha, I made a funny), I'll let you know as long as I don't get caught in the aftershock or anything. ...Aftershock... *starts crying* That was a bad word to use, and if you watch Teen Titans, you'd know why. ...BWAH HA HA!!! This CD is so funny... Later!
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You know, with all of the stress running through my body at the end of the semester, I completely forgot about why I didn't want to go home. I couldn't remember it until the next day: I have to get braces. I got spacers in on Friday and I haven't been able to chew since Saturday. Tuesday I get bands, and then on the 28th, I get the full cage. The only upside is that the second Inuyasha movie comes out that day, so I can at least watch that in my misery. I really don't want braces. These spacers are bad enough! I CAN'T EAT! And the sugar that I can't have and therefore want to splurge on now isn't coming to me either thanks to this. Erg, this makes me so mad!!!!!!!

Anywho, the recorder piece is almost done. I left my tape recorder at school like a moron, so I really need to finish it, call up themonekymaiden, and get her the (probably really weird and hard since I've never done this before) part. And see if she found any good music, I guess. I'm also almost done with Christmas gifts. I just need to buy two more and figure out how to get the gifts to all of these people who I might not even know the phone numbers for. Oh well... My teeth have put me in an overall bad and lazy mood. Why? Why must they jam a bunch of wires and rubber bands into my mouth?! It's not fair, I tell you! I want to talk! I want to be able to eat sugar! I want to be able to see my teeth!!! Ah!!!!

*runs off screaming*
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Bah... I no like finals... I just wanna rest... Oh well, I have all day tomorrow to study! I'll just take is easy tonight. I'm also doing better on Christmas present ideas, which is good!

Well, I think I know what we're doing for recorders this year... Sadly, it will include me having to arrange something, which apparently my father thinks I can do because my sister can do it. We're doing "Christmastime is Here" from Charlie Brown and whatever themonkeymaiden can pull from her group. Guess which one is my project... XP.

I'm also going haywire on writing my stories... I don't know why, I just REALLY feel like it tonight. Well, that's all! ...No really, I'm actually done. Yes, it WAS a short post! Geez, I can't change my pattern without you guys freaking out... lol.

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Speaking of recorders, I am going to have a heck of a time getting our recorder piece for Christmas Eve. I'm pretty sure I won't have time until I get back on the fifteenth, and even then I'll just want to rest. I'm seriously considering using Feliz Navidad. My dad will probably tell me I can't, but it's either that or the world's most random medoly, with is also something I've wanted to do for that. themonkeymaiden, if you have any ideas, please tell me!

Still lost on Christmas presents. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to give Christie, though, since she more or less told me something that she wants. I'll probably just use that stupid idea that I all ready had, but other things for people are just running short in my mind. I think I should just go shopping (preferably here since the mall is bigger, but I can make due in Sioux City, I guess) and look around. If something strikes my interest or makes me think of someone, I'll just get it. I can always look at themonkeymaiden's little list that she posted, but I like surprising people, so I'll see what happens.

Auditions for the next play are Monday and Tuesday. I have to go on Monday cause that's when they'll hear prepared auditions, and I'll probably be asked to come back on Tuesday so they can hear me read from the scripts since I'm a freshman and they aren't totally used to me yet. I think I know what monologue I'm going to use, but I had this evil idea to use something else that's similar but it isn't really a monologue since it isn't from a play. I could make it seem like it if I play my cards right, though. Both have to deal with death, which is what the next play (or should I say set of plays?) is about, so that's why I want to use them. And both are supposed to be delivered by men, but that really doesn't matter in this case. I don't know if I'll get a part or not. It'd be nice, but it really doesn't matter. I think I have a pretty good shot, but we'll just have to see.

Bah, I have a lot of homework... I should stop ranting and do that... I'll be back to complain (probably about Christmas) soon!

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Well, I'm back from that lovely holiday known as Thanksgiving Break. It was so nice to be home for a few days, but now... *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* I'm back to being bored and lethargic. Not that I wasn't this weekend, mind you, but it's a bad thing now. And now, it's Christmas time!!!

I still don't know what to do about presents. I think I know what I'm getting my mom and dad (Dr. Mario and the Adventure of Link respectively), but I don't know WHAT to get anyone else. I have an idea, but it's sort of stupid, and there are a few people that I'd want to give more to, you know? Yeah, I totally didn't realize the new original Nintendo games that were out. I saw Adventure of Link and bought it immediately for myself, lol. I want to get Metroid and the original Castlevania, too. The latter is famous in my house because it's one of the two games that my brother, the master, could never beat. I hope they've kept it the same so I have the same challenge ahead of me. The thing is, the other game he couldn't beat was Kirby's Pinball, and I've beaten that (cause I got really lucky once), so we'll have to see. Plus, my dad recalls it having really good music, but we can't remember how it goes, so I'd like to hear that. And Metroid just cause... well, I remember it too. Dr. Mario would be fun, as well as the original Mario and Donkey Kong, but they are twenty dollars. Compared to other games, this is cheap, but it's still fairly expensive. I also found the Fruits Basket boxed set and I REALLY want it, but it's $100, and I just don't have that kind of money to spend. Trigun boxed set it $200, so it'll be a while before I ever get that. Maybe I should look online or something...

I'm not too worried about gifts, though. My crappy idea will do, but I'd like to get more a least for my brother, themonkeymaiden (for putting up with me at home), and Christie (for putting up with me at school XD), and maybe even a few other people if I can think of anything extra outside of my idea... It's not even a very good one. Also, since my sister won't be home for Christmas, I am now in charge of selecting and running my family's recorder ensemble. themonkeymaiden, who's also in our group, had a good idea of adding parts to the duets we used to do for Madrigal. It's either that or Feliz Navidad, and I don't know if they'd like that at our Christmas Eve service... Although, she has now been upgraded to sopranino (if she wants) since my sister is gone! So it'll be sopranino, soprano, alto, and bass probably (yes, there are several kinds of recorders. Tenor is the only one we have that we probably won't use). Or make my brother play tenor and my mom can re-learn soprano, but I think her arthritis would make that too hard....

...Am I a terrible person for wanting to give more to my brother than to my sister?,
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Well, college has been going good! I got to go to a free Christian music festival this weekend! I saw Casting Crowns and Newsboys!!! My sister wants to kill me now, LOL. Sorry you had to miss them, Chuy!

Anywho, I finally cracked! Fanfiction.net has pulled the last straw! Or, uh, whatever... Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that their whole problem with script format has ticked me off to the extreme!! They've taken down "Blame Kakarott" and "Whose Line Is It Anyway, DBZ Style!" for Pete's sake!!! Please, if you are as angry about their little campaign, go here!!!



(PLEASE tell me you know what it is by now!)

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