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I thought I should check in. I'm highly enjoying break. In fact, I've just been sitting on my lazy butt watching TV. Quiet enjoyable. My mouth hurts a little still, but it's better. The teeth pulling went fine, although now there are really obviously holes toward the front of my mouth. I'm also still trying to get back to chewing a lot. At least I can handle softer foods, unlike the first two days when I was living on pudding and Jello. And apparently, not only do I have insanely long roots, but there are little hooks on the end. That explains why my baby teeth never fell out.

I just read candy__chan's entry about Mrs. Gross. That really sucks. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I mean, I feel like I should do something, but I wasn't really hugely close to her or anything. And I don't know if I should mention anything to my mother and make her worry, but if the worst does happen, I'm sure she'll see it and then she'll call me and my sister about it anyway. I hate this stuff. I didn't even know how bad things were going for Erik, though. At least I'm ready for this. And then there's the Pope! I mean, yeah, I'm Presbyterian, but I still like him. He's a cool guy! And I love his car! There is no way that we could get a pope half as good as he is. I really think that the fact that he's lived so long with everything he's gone through is proof that there is a God. But that's just me. Oh yeah, and then that poor lady in Florida died today. The government should not have gotten involved in that mess. I think we should just leave those poor people alone and let them settle their dispute on their own. It'll never end. Even if they do find out how much functioning her brain had, they'll always fight. The world just plain sucks. Personally, I blame it all on Bush.

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Yay for free food! Seriously. Twas a good day in that department. Yeah, I just feel like updating if you couldn't tell. Anyway, I don't have German on Friday cause the professor has the test planned for Monday and she thinks we're ready. Then, for filling out some stupid survey, I got free (real) ice cream at dinner. Then, if you went to Domino's and filled out some credit card thingy that as long as you don't call and activate, you won't have to worry about it, you got a free pizza. I am a happy college student right now!

Now it's time for me to go off on a very personal based rant that you may or may not agree with me on, so don't read this if you really don't want to. It's about the death penalty. Two big trials apparently ended today, and that actor got off and what's his name (I don't pay attention to these things, okay? The name's aren't important anyway) got sentenced to death. Frankly, I don't know if either of them were guilty or not. I'm sure the evidence made all of the difference, so there's nothing I can say. However, I really think that no matter what anybody does, and no matter how terrible it is, no one deserves to die. Nobody. The relatives of whoever died, as that is usually the case in these punishments, should know this! Why put another family through what they had to go through? Why stoop to the level of a cold-blooded killer and do the same thing? It's horrible! I think that life in a small cell without a chance to leave at all is much worse than being put out of your misery like that. The death penalty is wrong. Frankly, I don't think Timothy McVeigh should have been put to death, either. For one, it was what he wanted! Why give him what he wanted?! Being the sort of Christian that I am, I just can't believe that people go to Hell. I just can't. There was no point in Jesus coming if we still could. The only person I can think of who would have possibly not gone to Heaven is Hitler. They're not punishing these people at all by killing them! Life in jail is worse in my opinion. And what about the family of the accused? I don't care what they say or use, it's cruel and unusual punishment and dropping to the level of a person who kills others, and I just can't support that. Kudos to states like Iowa for not having one.

Any death penalty supporters out there may now express your opinions, although I doubt we will change the minds of the other.

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Well, after seeing a Headline on the internet, I pulled out my black arm band again. I didn't realize that today was Inauguration Day. My only comments on this are: Heaven help us all! Now that they don't have to worry about reelection (except for maybe his brother in 08, and you know they're planning that), who know what they'll do. We thought things were bad now. I sincerely hope that I can still lead a normal life once this idiot and the people pulling the strings for him are finished. How could so many people have been so stupid? I just can't fathom it... Then again, they probably rigged the election again. Erg, I can't stand the people in charge!!!

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My life is over. Our country is over. My American citizenship is over. As of the last I saw, Bush had a projected 269 votes. There's no way Kerry will win now, especially with New Mexico looking to go to Bush (although every other undecided state is looking like Kerry, including my state). Even if Kerry did get New Mexico, they'd both be under 270 and Congress will pick Bush.

I have one question for the people who voted for Bush: WHY?! What good has that man done for our country??!!! We've just been digging ourselves deeper and deeper into a pit these last four years!!! How can four more help?! I don't know how Kerry would have done, but he couldn't have been this terrible of a leader!!!

I pray for the best for America. As for me, I think I'm going to start looking for an apartment in Vancouver...

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Dear God,
Hi, it's me! You know, the crazy kid with the cartoon obsession? I know I don't pray as often as I should, and I tend to question things that I really shouldn't, and when I do pray it's for really stupid reasons, but today, I ask you humbly with all of my heart and soul to save this country and not let Bush get re-elected tomorrow. Show your mercy upon our failing country and pull us out of this abyss that that man has gotten us into. Thanks!

Hello. I'm that weirdo who's been showing a strange interest in your teachings because of that whole Miroku obsession. I would ask that you use whatever powers (if any) that you have achieved in your nirvana to keep Bush from getting re-elected. You were all for peace, and he's the messenger of the exact opposite. Thanks!

Almighty Zeus,
I know that you don't get many prayers anymore, but I would like to ask if you would use your majestic powers to keep Bush from getting another term. I would be ever grateful if you and your siblings, children, and wives would be so kind as to show mercy upon a world that you usually like torturing and save us from that man. Thanks!

Sacred Cow,
I'm not sure if you have powers or if you really exist in Hinduism, but if you're there, could you please keep Bush from getting into office? If you'll do that, I swear I'll never eat beef again! Thanks!

Satan and Bill the One-Eyed Goat (his mascot),
Now I don't like you, and you don't like me, and I don't even think you have any real powers cause God could kick your butt whenever he wanted to. But I just want to say that you've tortured us enough! Please let your servant, George W. Bush, not get a second term. We're suffering enough as it is. I really enjoy being able to afford food and having a house to live in. I don't want that to go away. I know you could care less and I really could care less about you, but I just thought you should know.
P.S. God is awesome!!!

(Chuy decides he's never going to speak to me again)

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YAY RED SOX!!! I'm so happy for them. True, I really should support the Cardinals since my grandfather was from Missouri, but their curse is finally over! Now it's the Cubs turn! I'll give them 20 years for good measure ^_^.

I'm soooooo tired... And nervous about Tuesday (election). I also found out that there is apparently a performance of Honk! on the 17th at night as well, which was news to me, cause now I can't do the Percussion ensemble gig that I thought I could make... Spangler is going to KILL me...

I found the GREATEST M/S site EVER!!! It has pictures, scans, downloads... Everything an obsessee like me could want! I've been on it like all day (and my Inuyasha pictures now top 200 (told ya I had way too many))! Anyway, I can't get onto the site with my homework assignment, so this'll help pass the time until I try again ^_^.

monkeymaiden (You have too many names revolving around monkeys, dear! I get them mixed up!) and Chuy (aka Saladin) both took this quiz, so I thought I'd be a lemming and do it, too...

The Personality Resume

Created by notparticularly and taken 5406 times on bzoink!

Would you rather be an African elephant or an Asian elephant? Why?I don't want to be an elephant at all... Maybe a turtle, though!!!
Would you rather freeze to death or burn alive? Why?Freeze cause there'd be a chance that they could warm you up and bring you back to life.
Name three movies you likeLord of the Rings (all three for other movies sakes), Finding Nemo, Jonah
Name three books you likeThe Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King (hee hee hee)
Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Which one(s)? Why?No, but I do have some crazy obsessions and I'll say I love them, but it's not like that.
Republican, Democrat or other? Why?Democrat because I don't think it's right to take money from the lower classes and give it to the big business people
Attendance percentage at high school dances?At first, none. But my brother never went to any and apparently regretted it, so I went to the major ones after that
What television shows do you watch regularly?(that are on now?) Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Monk
Abortion is...well, I don't agree with it, but I understand why people do
The death penalty is...stooping to the level of the criminals
How do you take your coffee?I give it to mischeviousmonkey cause I don't like it ^_^
How do you take your tea?I don't like tea
Who's your favorite teacher/professor?Uh... Mrs. Woolworth in fifth grade was pretty awesome
How do you feel about your parents?The way any child would in a fifties sitcom (I know that sounds weird, but it's true)
What sort of music do you listen to?Cartoon songs, Japanese pop/rock/don't know the offical term
List five or ten bands you listen to.Animaniacs, VeggieTales, Relient K, Casting Crowns, Newsboys, V6
Do you use public transportation?If I absolutely must
Ever told someone you love him/her?Outside of my family and those random screams at fictional characters, no.
Morning person, night person or both?Night person!!!
Siblings?two, 26 year old brother and 22 year old married (sighs) sister
What are your friends like?They are freaking awesome! I love them all, they all accept my insanity. I especially love the ones who leave me comments on LJ (lol)
Amusement parks are?Fun! I wish I went to them more often
Cafeterias are?Proof that there is a Satan
Dogs are?Fun! Especially my grandma's
Any phobias, traumas or other weirdnesses?I'm afraid of death, dead things, grasshoppers, and thunderstorms. I also have OCD and trichotillomania (complusive pulling out of ones hair)

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

Fear my insanity!

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So, Fall Break is now over *sniff sniff*. I must admit, it went by very quickly... I didn't get to do most of the things I needed to, but I was relaxing!!! I may go home for Halloween just so I can Trick or Treat at my church... Hee hee hee... My costume is awesome!!!

So, the impossible finally happened and I UPDATED ONE OF MY FICS!!! "The Youkai of Oz" to be precise. Check it out, would ya? ^_^ I'm a sucker for reviews!

And so, my life continues. "Honk!" is ever approaching (and my brother is coming to see it!!! YAY!!!), I'm still writing, and I have classes... This weekend was nice, though. I've missed my Cartoon Network! Wow, that election thing they're doing is PERFECT!!! The people they picked perfectly mirror the real candidates! Ironically, though, I voted for Ed but I voted in the real election (absentee) for Kerry.

I'm getting SOOOOO worried about this election... I am praying to every god (especially the one I believe in) that Bush doesn't win! Me and mischeivousmonkey are so moving to Canada if that happens... I hear it's nice up there... Then we can get married, my darling! lol

I'm getting some fishies!!! I have the aquarium, and I have to leave the water in it for a week, so hopefully somebody here will take me to get them! I have the types and names decided on and everything *laughs evilly*. I'm really enjoying myself for some unknown reason right now...

I should go... Stuff to do, and unfortunately, that means I need time! I shall return!

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So... wassup, ya'll? I'm tired and hyper at the same time (scary combination, let me tell you!).

Candyland sent me the FUNNIEST thing today! Of course, I emailed this to the only people who read my journal anyway all ready, but you never know! Go to Google, type in "Miserable Failure" as the search, and hit "I'm feeling lucky." If it doesn't leave you in stitches, I don't know what will...

I've started posting something on Fiction Press (everyone double takes). Yeah, I know, I'm an ff.net person, but I couldn't pass this up! I was all ready on the site anyway since I was there before the split. It's a bunch of stories we wrote in my family that I really like. The earlier ones aren't that great, but after a while there are some classics. It's at:


if you'd like to check it out!

First presidential debate was tonight... I only saw a tiny bit of Bush's final comments. I am SOOOOOO worried about this year's election. I'm glad I can vote, but I'm just afraid of how other people will cast theirs. I'm sick of trying to hide my political standings, even though I know that I'll get judged by others because of it.

If Bush gets reelected, we are screwed!!! There, I said it. I can't stand the man! He's done so many horrible things!!! I heard him speak live, and there was one point where if I could have, I would have slapped him right across the face. "Kerry wants to tax RICH people to fix the economy, can you believe that?!" Well, DUH!!! You're the ones with all the money, moron!!! And that war... He only did it so he could be remembered and to help his buddies in the oil industry. Me and many members of my family plan on wearing black arm bands if the worst happens and he is reelected. America will be dead if he is! Well, excuse me, the rich people will be fine. Those of us poorer people will lose even more money! My mother says that if he gets back in, we'll probably end up in the poor house, and I believe her! I don't know how well Kerry will handle office, but he can't be as bad as Bush. He just CAN'T!!! And I really like Edwards. He has some great view. I hate Cheney because he directly insulted my grandfather once. Seriously. He used to live a block away from my grandparents in Dallas, and one morning while my granddad was taking a walk, he passed Cheney's house and saw him standing outside. He said, "Good morning, Mr. Cheney." And then he just looked at him as if to say, "Why are YOU saying hello to ME?!" ...He's such a jerk! I loved Kerry's comment about him having been President since election day... It's so true! You look in Bush's eyes, and there's nothing going on behind them. You can see it! Why do people like him?! How could anyone want to vote for that hypocritical, lying jerk again?!

*sigh* I'm glad I got that off my chest. Feel free to send me the hate comments now.

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