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Well, here I am, finding time in my busy schedule to update!!! I don't know when I'll get anything new up on ff.net... I hope that it'll be sometime soon, but with all of my homework and rehearsals, I highly doubt it.

I do have an exciting story! We're doing the musical "Honk!" (about the Ugly Duckling) at my school for the next big production and I got the second biggest part for someone of my gender!!! YAY!! I never did that well in high school, period, and I'm only a freshman! Hee hee, I'm very careful about keeping my gender a secret, since I link this and my ff.net account! But I'm happy, it'll be fun! ^-^

Now for the bad (but also good in a way) news. Inuyasha is over. The anime ended on Monday in Japan with episode 167. Due to my overall sneakiness, I decided to find out how it ended. I've been reading the manga straight from Japan on this one web site, and it's still coming out, so I knew that it wouldn't end like the manga, and I wanted to know what they did. Apparently, they took a pretty significant story from the manga (it came out in March, if that tells you how close they were getting), and then stopped! No conclusion, no nothing! What I think really stinks is that it was right before a semi-cute Miroku/Sango storyline. I know that most people are POed about the end, but look at it in this light: at least they didn't make up some ending that had nothing to do with whatever Takahashi's going to do! Now they can have some time to breathe, wait for the manga to finish (which should be this year, and it's looking like it's almost time too since characters are starting to croak), and then make an OVA or something! Be happy that we aren't stuck with some made up thing. For example (and this is me making something up):

WRITER 1: Um.. Inuyasha can go with Kagome into her time and we'll have... uh,

WRITER 2: Sango slap Miroku one last time and not mention what happened to either of them...

WRITER 1: Uh, they kill Naraku by um...

WRITER 3: How about Kagome brings a gun from her time?

WRITER 1: Sure that works! So they shoot him to death. And... Well, we don't need to worry about what happens to any of the other characters.

WRITER 2: Not even Shessomaru? Or Kikyo? What about Kagura?

WRITER 1: Nah, nobody cares about them! Just have Kagome go through the well, and a few days later Inuyasha follows her and they're both happy.

WRITER 4: We don't even want to have Miroku and Sango get married?

WRITER 1: Why do we need that?

WRITER 4: They are engaged!

WRITER 1: Nah, it's fine!

WRITER 2: But what about Sesshomaru and Kagura and Kikyo?

WRITER 1: Okay, if you're that worried Kikyo dies randomly and Sesshomaru marries Kagura.

WRITER 3: *reading manga from three weeks ago today* Actually, right here Kagura d...

WRITER 1: It's fine!!! That's the ending!

Aren't you glad we didn't have anything like that?

Sorry about the rant! I'll see ya around!


(Please say you know what it means!!)
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So... wassup, ya'll? I'm tired and hyper at the same time (scary combination, let me tell you!).

Candyland sent me the FUNNIEST thing today! Of course, I emailed this to the only people who read my journal anyway all ready, but you never know! Go to Google, type in "Miserable Failure" as the search, and hit "I'm feeling lucky." If it doesn't leave you in stitches, I don't know what will...

I've started posting something on Fiction Press (everyone double takes). Yeah, I know, I'm an ff.net person, but I couldn't pass this up! I was all ready on the site anyway since I was there before the split. It's a bunch of stories we wrote in my family that I really like. The earlier ones aren't that great, but after a while there are some classics. It's at:


if you'd like to check it out!

First presidential debate was tonight... I only saw a tiny bit of Bush's final comments. I am SOOOOOO worried about this year's election. I'm glad I can vote, but I'm just afraid of how other people will cast theirs. I'm sick of trying to hide my political standings, even though I know that I'll get judged by others because of it.

If Bush gets reelected, we are screwed!!! There, I said it. I can't stand the man! He's done so many horrible things!!! I heard him speak live, and there was one point where if I could have, I would have slapped him right across the face. "Kerry wants to tax RICH people to fix the economy, can you believe that?!" Well, DUH!!! You're the ones with all the money, moron!!! And that war... He only did it so he could be remembered and to help his buddies in the oil industry. Me and many members of my family plan on wearing black arm bands if the worst happens and he is reelected. America will be dead if he is! Well, excuse me, the rich people will be fine. Those of us poorer people will lose even more money! My mother says that if he gets back in, we'll probably end up in the poor house, and I believe her! I don't know how well Kerry will handle office, but he can't be as bad as Bush. He just CAN'T!!! And I really like Edwards. He has some great view. I hate Cheney because he directly insulted my grandfather once. Seriously. He used to live a block away from my grandparents in Dallas, and one morning while my granddad was taking a walk, he passed Cheney's house and saw him standing outside. He said, "Good morning, Mr. Cheney." And then he just looked at him as if to say, "Why are YOU saying hello to ME?!" ...He's such a jerk! I loved Kerry's comment about him having been President since election day... It's so true! You look in Bush's eyes, and there's nothing going on behind them. You can see it! Why do people like him?! How could anyone want to vote for that hypocritical, lying jerk again?!

*sigh* I'm glad I got that off my chest. Feel free to send me the hate comments now.

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