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Well, I got back yesterday, earlier than I would have liked because my dad was worried about the weather. The break was all right. I didn't really get a chance to veg out, though, which I would have liked. I saw the Harry Potter movie on Friday, which was freaking awesome.

Classes were actually canceled today. It wasn't even that bad earlier. Now we've got falling snow and wind. I think there are a couple of inches on the ground all ready. Yay for snow (and being inside)! I've felt like utter crap for the last few days; depression, colds, etc. It's not going so well for me right now. I was kind of glad to have today to sort of veg out and stuff. Blah, I'm feeling so down! Well, anyway, there's only 12 days (if that) until I get to go home again, so we'll see how things go.
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*sigh* Thank the heavens it's Thanksgiving!!! I'm so excited to go home!!! Hm, let's see, what's happened since my last update? Oh yeah. Johannah died on Friday. I went to the Memorial Service last night. It was open casket, but due to some wonderful twists of fate and people's heads, I never saw her. See, I have this little thing called necrophobia, and seeing dead anything else creeps me out enough. I never ever want to see a dead person. Ever. I don't even understand why we have the whole open casket thingy. I mean, if we believe that bodies and souls are separate entities and that the soul has gone on to someplace else, that being the person, then why do people want to stare at an empty shell? My dad and I were talking about it last night, actually.

So yeah, I need to do some final packing here and then I get to go home T_T. Yayness! If anyone wants to do anything with me, give me a ring. Preferably on my home phone, but my cell might be on if your lucky. Elsa and Mike are coming, but I'm totally willing to ditch them, lol. Well, I do need to spend some time with them, obviously, but I have no problem hanging out with other people. And it's her birthday on Sunday, and I have no idea of what to give her. El will probably be getting a very nice card, lol. Okay, gotta go! Laters!

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Shit shit shit shit shit. This week has sucked eggs!!! I could complain about how I didn't get into either show (no, not even the chorus in Pirates), or add on to my last entry and I haven't even checked to see if it's working here. I could go on, but...

Yeah, remember than friend of mine that I mentioned on Saturday? She apparently took a turn for the worse tonight and it doesn't look like she's gonna make it. Why did this have to happen?! I mean, I wasn't that close to her, but still! I know her! I thought she was gonna be okay being the eternally hopeful soul that I am. Ivan found out around the time the show started, so he called everyone else and we all met after the picture call. Hey God, if you feel like handing out a miracle, Johanna could really use one right now! Dammit, this sucks...

On a brighter note, I got to see my dad today! My mom had to fly to Denver to see some friends, and he stayed up here, hung out with me at work, saw March of the Penguins (awesome movie), and then saw the play again. The poor guy was up at 3AM, so he was really tired. Poor Daddy... Ivan told him what was going on while we were all in the theater, so at least I don't have to tell my parents.

So please guys, even though it looks really uberly grim, could you still pray for Jo? And for her family? I mean, they all ready lost her brother cause he died at the scene of the crash. I feel so sorry for her sister cause they were triplets and she wasn't in the car, so she's fine physically. ERG! What am I supposed to do now?! *throws random objects*

Don't you love how bright and cheery this entry was? ^^;


Nov. 12th, 2005 09:15 am
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Yeah, I know you're all wondering about why I'm up at 9 am on a Saturday, and I'd love to tell you about how well the show is going and that I'm in the improv show tonight and what my parents and I did when they came to see it on opening night, but well... The reason I'm awake was I just got a phone call, and it's prayer request time. Apparently one of the girls that's done tech on this show and the last one got in a really bad car accident last night and it doesn't look good. We're meeting at 10:30 to talk about it as a company, I guess. Good grief, how are we supposed to do the show tonight?! How are we supposed to do improv?! She was watching rehearsal on Wednesday night!! I mean, I'm not close to her, but I still just feel... I can't explain it =/. Hoping for the best here.
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Stole this from Candy-chan.

XD that's so true!

Other than that, I'm doing better. The play starts on Thursday *crosses fingers*. I got cast, what, three weeks ago? Hee hee, wow. And I only had rehearsal like twice a week until now, too. Just figured out my schedule for next year. If I'm lucky, my earliest class will start at 10:40 *prays for that*. I haven't even had time to take my really hard science classes yet... Oh well.

New York pics still on the way. I haven't had time to scan them yet. And apparently I can save them here now for posting. Woo! I might make them smaller, too, so my cut isn't ginormous. But that's in the future...

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OMG, guys... Read the first paragraph CAREFULLY:

In other news, still in a lot of crap, but I've given myself a permit to write fanfics since I always have writers block in the first place. Still no messenger though. Unless it's a Friday or Saturday. And I'll get my NYC pics up as soon as I have time to scan them and put them on Photobucket...


Nov. 1st, 2005 04:14 pm
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It's starting again... It's been starting again for a while, and I want to stop it, but I haven't been able to. I just got to that horrible point I got to last year again. Crap, what am I supposed to do?! I'm trying my best keep it from going on, so why doesn't it stop?! ERG! The biggest problem is that I enjoy trying to relax myself, but those are the exact things I can't do at this point if I wanna keep this from happening again! So no messengers, fics, icons, etc. for a while. And if you see me making any, yell at me. Except for "The Gospel According to Ed." Cause I heart that one. Other than that, I am not allowed any extra stuff until I say I can do it. So help me out with this, please!

In a lot of crap,
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Okay, here's the entry you all probably wanted to see! My account of my wonderful trip to the Big Apple this weekend! And I actually only ate strawberries fruit wise.

FRIDAY: We arrived around 7, went to our hostel (Upper West side my foot, we were in Harlem), and then went and bought Metro cards! Kathy got her first ride on a subway. Wheee! Then we went to Time Square. When I got out of the subway station on 42nd street, I thought my eyes were going to burn out of their sockets. There were so many lights and people and tall, interesting buildings! I couldn't help but gawk and take pictures, hee hee. Then we wandered around aimlessly, ate some Italian, Rahul and Shruti and I got lost and ended up walking past the swanky district and the southern edge of Central Park, and that was about it. Got back around midnight.

SATURDAY: Started off the day with a backstage tour of Wicked! Wow, it was cool. We got to see costumes, and the stage (which I couldn't take a picture of, but it was amazing), and two guys from the cast talked about the basics, since we obviously couldn't see the fancy stuff. It was really cool, since we all knew it would be next to impossible to get into the actual show. Then we met some actress lady and ate at this uberly expensive place which didn't make me very happy. After that, Rahul, Shruti, and I saw Fiddler on the Roof (starring Harvey Fierstein and Rosie O'Donnell). It was so good! It didn't have any gigantic special effects, but everything was still amazing. Lotsa fun. Then we wandered around again, and I got lost trying to find the other show (Off-Off-Broadway) I wanted to see, and it was raining, so I gave up and fortunately remembered how to get back to the subway.

SUNDAY: This is my favorite story day. Out of the 13 of us students, 11 wanted to see shows (Rahul and Shruti wandered around again and I gave them my phone since theirs don't work in the states). 10 of us were going around and trying the lotteries. Basically, you put your name down on a sheet of paper and if you want 1 or 2 tickets, and they draw them about 2 hours before the performance. The tickets are in the front row and cost around 25 dollars. Of the 10 people trying (all of us asking for 2), 2 people won for Avenue Q and 3 people won for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. We tried Wicked, but no one got it. Well, the 11th person, Halcyon, stood in the cancellation line there for 3 hours and managed to get a seat 12th row center. Needless to say, we were all jealous. But anyway, I saw Avenue Q which was freaking amazing! I loved it so much! What surprised me was how many people did more than one character puppet wise, and there was another girl who would control the second puppet if they both had to be onstage. They would even keep the facial expression of the puppet they were holding, even if they were talking for the other one! Oh, twas so good... Three people don't have puppets, sort of the older and wiser ones like on Sesame Street. They even had these little screens that would have animations and such on them, keeping up with the adult Sesame Street theme. I can expand for anyone who wants me to later. Then we all met up, got dinner quickly, and eventually made our way to the Upright Citizens Brigade improv show which Julia wanted all of us to go to. It was pretty good. I wasn't amazed or anything, but I liked it. Then we wandered around for a while, saw a guy get splashed by a puddle from a passing taxi (Shadenfreude!), and eventually went back.

MONDAY: First off, we met this lady who does a lot of different theater thingies and she talked to us for a while, blah blah blah. Then I went with Rahul and Shruti to this Indian restaurant that they found, and since their from India, they knew what everyone was and told me what I should get, since it was an all you can eat buffet thingy. The food was a little spicy, but it really wasn't too bad. Then we went to the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero T_T, and Shruti and I managed to find the Kinokuniya Bookstore, which was awesome! Then we (ironically) all ate at a Japanese restaurant, which also had great food and saw Altar Boyz. It was so funny! It's like a parody of N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys sort of styles, but they're a Christian group. I recommend the soundtrack (and the show) to all. And then we went and got cheesecake at Roxy's in Time Square. Holy freaking crap. They literally had mugs of hot chocolate (cause it was raining again), and huge pieces of cheesecake. I got strawberry, and I ate the whole thing! Yay me! Then I went back and went to bed.

TUESDAY: I came back. It was boring.

Pictures to come!!!
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I'm going to New York City today!!! I'm so excited! If I find anything peoples will like, I will surely buy it ^_^. Yay! I've never been there, so I'm pumped!! Kiyuu was supposed to give me an address *glares*, but fortunately I found the store through a bit of random web browsing. Huzzah! Okay, gotta finish packing. I leave Augie in 50 minutes. SQUEE!!! Be back Tuesday afternoon and tell ya guys all about it here. And on messenger if you feel like dropping me a line... *hinthint*

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Well, I'm a mix between feeling crappy and feeling good right now. Crappy cause I'm slowly falling back into the pit I was in last year and I'm trying to stop myself, but it's really hard. Good because I woke up in time to take my medicine this morning, lol. Actually it was courtesy of a fire alarm. I assume someone pulled it, which at 8:15 in an 8 story dorm could probably get you killed. But I had class at 8:30, so I totally threw on my clothes, grabbed my stuff, stuck my fingers in my ears, and went out the normal way without using the fire doors, lol. It was buzzing intermittently, that always meant tornado back in the day! And I had just woken up. But that was an adventure.

Thanks to Susan giving me Photoshop, I made a new icon! See it? It's right there. No, that's not my old one of them. I actually made this one this time, using my guilty pleasure picture of Beast Boy crying, hee hee. And one I had of Terra, obviously. I still have my old one with Sango, it's just not the default anymore. I'll probably be making a lot more icons, too, which will definitely make my decision on which three to be using hard. Oh well... Once I get a batch done, I'll post them here. And then link to places that actually care XD.

Stalker.net, I mean, um, Facebook has proved more amusing than I expected. Schneider mentioned at breakfast that I should look for Katie Maas (even though her mom and my mom talk all the time) and Megan Krmpotich, and I actually found the latter! Haven't talked to the girl in over four years, but I put her as a friend, lol.

Other than that, yeah. I'm not getting on messenger much until I can work myself out, but if you see me log on and you wanna chat, say hi, cause I will not be starting any conversations, especially now. Laters!

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Well, I had an exciting Labor Day! And not because there were no classes, even though that was nice. In no particular order: My parents came up today and we hung out. Mostly it was to bring me stuff I forgot and for them to take my boxes and stuff. Then we ate lunch. Then we went to this butterfly garden in the southern part of town. It was amazing! I've never seen so many different kinds of butterflies in one place. Anyway, now why I titled it this. First of all, while shopping and looking for new DVDs and manga, I found Kenshin vol. 18. I have been waiting SO LONG for this one! It's this volume that I started getting the manga for! Well, this and the ones after. You see, it's in this volume that the anime got canceled, so I'll be reading a ton of new stuff. Yay! This next one is really stupid, but I about died. For those of you fanfic readers and writers out there, you know what it's like to really respect and love someone else's work. Well, one of these authors is apparently emailing review responses to her newest story, and I about fell out of my chair when I saw she had emailed me, lol. She even said that she had noticed my absence from the site! I feel so special... Finally, my parents said I can go to New York over Fall Break!!! YAY!!! I've never been there! Well, I've been to the state, not the city. Kathy is one happy girl today! Now if only they'd released the Kaitou Kid DVD 8 days early...
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Okay, time for my long in coming Katrina rant. Most of my comments will be taken from conversations I've had with Evan over the last few days. Anyway, yeah. New Orleans had it coming. Wait a second, I'll explain! I remember around the time Charley or Ivan or one of those big hurricanes was running around and it looked like it might hit New Orleans, and I distinctly remember hearing them say that it was a disaster waiting to happen. I mean, come on. This is living proof that you don't cut costs since the odds of a category 5 hurricane are slim. The people did not have it coming. The city did. Plus, did anyone even like New Orleans? I swear, this pandemonium down there isn't anything different from how crazy it usually is. It just isn't "fun" crazy. I think they should just forget the levees, leave the water, and make it the American version of Venice. You know, gondoliers rowing through the French Quarter singing jazz music... That would be so awesome. But is anyone even going to move back? I know I wouldn't. Especially after having to live in a football stadium for who knows how long. What makes me mad is that fuel prices are skyrocketing, and we're trying to get finalized plans for Tanzania. I've worked so hard to raise money! Kathy must be able to pay for it! Dr. J hasn't told us what it is as of now, but still! We should get a "college choir on a good will mission" discount. You know who I blame for this whole mess? No, not Katrina. Katrina isn't even a person. That's right, as always, I blame Bush!
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Well, now that I'm wide awake and have taken care of most of my errands, it's time for what I really wanted to put yesterday! Yay! First of all I plan on having my cell phone on a lot more (but it's not on right now cause I'm lazy), so if you want my number, e mail me and I'll give it to you. Also my room number if you want that. And if I'm not here, talk to Steve. I have a slight problem with my classes that I'll hopefully work out. What's really sad is that classes start tomorrow and I all ready have homework. What's REALLY sad is that I'm technically still a freshman credits wise. I'm gonna call myself a second-year freshman until I hopefully level up next semester, lol. Geez, I sound like an RPG... I've seen all of my favorite professors, and I have a list of goals posted in front of me and on the back of my door, so hopefully I'll have a good year! I'll only be on the internet when my homework is done (except tonight... I don't have that class til Thursday anyway ^^;), and if I say something like I just said in parenthesis, tell me to GET OFF! For those of you who talk to me on MSN, I can't get it to work right, but I will eventually, okay? I'm Krrrrrrrrrrrazy Kat, usually followed by a random comment, in case you didn't know. Okay, I think that's all... Here's to what will hopefully be an awesome year!

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Well, I'm back on campus. As of now, I have my own room, so yay! This year I really wanna work hard and get through some of my personal problems. Long story, don't ask. Anyway... Yeah. I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to say and I can't think of any of it now! Let's see. I've all ready lost my scissors. I think it's a new record or something. And my mom got me lots of stuff, which is good. ...Man, this entry sucks! When I'm not so dead tired and can think of something interesting to say, I'll do it.


Aug. 21st, 2005 06:38 pm
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Well, I'm here at my grandma's house! I have been for about an hour and a half now. And I'm all ready bored stiff! I mean, I love coming to Dallas and all, but sitting around and talking is not my idea of fun. And that's all these people know how to do. My two uncles haven't even shown up. Good grief, I'm going to be the only person under 50 here. Except Toulee. But he has a short attention span. Like me, only different. What really stinks is that I don't even have first dibs on the TV. And it's usually food that I don't care too much for. Plus, with these braces now, I don't know what I can eat. I really wish there was something worth doing here... I was really smart and brought my Game Boy and then proceeded to forget to save the transfer data I put into my Golden Sun game so I can't play that. Well, I could, but where's the fun in that? The Gold Password is freaking impossible to use, anyway. I have other games, but they're not as fun and I've beaten them one too many times. They need some good new GBA games stat. Man, the internet here is even like the lowest grade possible. It's worse than on my usual computer. My icon isn't shining or whatever you call that. If I end up using that one on this post, lol. I need to write, too. But all I brought was my notebook. Maybe that'll work. I don't know. I'm 19. Fun for me is going out and doing stuff, not sitting around telling stories about stuff that happened to you or your family members. Fun is eating junk food and watching cartoons, not eating chicken cooked in whatever sauce and watching baseball. Baseball is more fun live. Actually, I may get to go to a Rangers game. I haven't been there in nearly ten years. My last game of any kind was at Wrigley when I was 16. Go Cubs!!! I also have a few more things to shop for, so maybe I can make a fun trip out of this. ...I should have totally brought my Zim DVD. I think my Grandma has a DVD player. Or maybe Fruits Basket. Darn it! ...I want a Game Cube. Okay, I'm done whining for now. I'll be back soon, though. Cause there's nothing better to do here.

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I haven't updated in a while... Frankly, it's because my life was really boring and now that it's interesting I'm too busy. So, here goes:

Shawn's home!!! Yay! He came in last night and will be here until Sunday. I'm so happy! He's so much fun! I was kind of afraid he'd want his DVDs back cause I haven't had a chance to watch them yet, but it sounds like I can keep them for a while longer. Actually, we watched one of the movies last night. It's like the best movie ever. Of course, that's Miazaki for you (I can't spell). I saw Howl's Moving Castle on Monday and it was great. The one I watched with Shawn last night was the one that you never see anywhere, "My Neighbor Totoro." As I said, I loved it to death. It was the cutest thing ever. Shawn even says it's one of his favorites. He even told me the order to watch the other ones in. Kiki's Delivery Serivce next, then Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Porko-Rosso, and, quote, Grave of the Fireflies when I'm in the mood for the "saddest movie ever." Then all I'll need to do is hunt down Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind and I've got the Studio Ghibli movies covered! These are the people that Pixar idolizes, so you know they're good. But I highly suggest Totoro to everyone.

Let's see, what else? Um, huh. I guess my life's just been boring otherwise. Oh wait! I thought of some stuff! Over the last month or so, I've been getting these weird red bruise things everywhere, and we think we've finally figured out how to stop them (I had to go to the dermatologist...), but they're going to take FOREVER to heal, and I can't wear long sleeves and pants when it's hot, so if you see me and notice all of that red stuff, that's what happened.

My mom will kill me for this next part, but I'm rather worried, even though she isn't. She didn't even tell me about it until a week ago, which made it that much worse, but I didn't want to mention it until we got the positive, which was today. Hear me out before you freak out and run out to buy flowers or something. The very short story is my mom has skin cancer. The long "there's nothing to worry about" story is that it's Basil Cell (sp?), which the the most common and easiest to take care of one. All they have to do is remove the skin (all of it, down to the bone) where the cancer is, and it's just a little tiny spot on the top of her head, and she's all good. Well, I don't know how it's supposed to heal, and I keep telling her we're going to go out and buy her a lot of hats, but yeah. I'm worried, but that's just me. It's nothing to freak out about. I just thought you all should know. The lesson here is: Wear hats and sunscreen!!!

Until something else interesting happens again:
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Wow. I have stories tonight. First off, let's start with the lovely adventure I had when I was pet sitting. You'll need to know the main cast in this. It includes myself, Bart the dog, and Boo and Cala the cats. I get in the door this evening and Bart looked like he really wanted me to let him out in the backyard. So, I closed the door (so I thought, it must have been open a crack), let him do his business and came back in. I then went to where their food dishes were. The ones for the cats are on a shelf higher than Bart's (this is important later). I get over there and fill the ones for the cats, and Cala immediately starts eating out of Boo's dish, which she apparently likes to do. I go down to Bart's only to find that he's managed to get a ton of his dry dog food into his water. It looked and smelled disgusting. I had to figure out how to clean this up. While I was trying to drain the water out (and not hit Cala with my elbow), I wondered why I hadn't seen Boo. I thought I had heard him mewing, but he was no where in sight.

It was at this point that I heard the storm door close. After saying a choice word, I raced outside, making sure the door was shut this time, and began looking for Boo. I could hear him mewing, but I couldn't see him. I finally found him under their car. He would not let me get to him. After probably 20 minutes of a battle of wills, I realized the only way I would ever get him was if I got him far enough out from under the car that I could grab him. Eventually, he left, but went under a bush which made it even harder to get him. The worst part was he was on the edge of a retaining wall and I was afraid he was going to leap down into the neighbor's backyard. Fortunately, he seem interested in the bush and followed it around to face the street. He was slowly making his way toward where I was standing, and I was creeping forward. As he inched along, eating the grass, which was gross but I figured getting him inside was most important at this point, he ended up standing directly beneath me. I reached down, grabbed him, and went back inside, scolding him all the way. Then there was still the case of Bart's water dish. I finally dumped it in the trash and refilled the water at the sink, since I was holding the dish. Normally, I put it in a jug and bring it over. As I was about to put it back in Bart's spot, Cala decided that it would be a good time to leap up to her shelf. Yeah. Water everywhere. So not only did I have to refill his dish, I had to clean up the water on the floor! Lots of fun...

Another reason this was a mess goes with my next story, also why I'm writing this at 1 am. Me, Lindsey, and Rachel went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. I was supposed to meet them at 7:30, but I got there at seven and Boo alone took me half an hour. Anyway, we hung out for a while and stuff. On to the movie! It was so funny. I loved it! It followed the book as well as I can remember, too. The ending was really weird, but over all very clever and funny movie. I suggest it. Heh, the Oompa Loompas are great. As is Johnny Depp. But that's no surprise. The kids were all really good in their roles, as well. And one of the grandmother's is hilarious. "I love grapes!" We then had to go out to Wal Mart and buy chocolate, which I am in the process of eating. Yum...

My mom has finished Harry Potter six. I start reading it tomorrow! Yay! I'm kind of nervous, but she said that nothing happened that she didn't expect, which made me feel better. She also told me to have set times to read, if that says anything about page turning ability. I also found out that the Goblet of Fire movie comes out in November.

One last amusing story from Saturday night. I was watching Inuyasha, big surprise. There was a character that I knew was coming up named Bankotsu and I really wanted to hear how his dub voice sounds. The guy who does him, Matt Hill, has done characters like Kira on Gundam Seed and Ed on Ed Edd n Eddy, so I didn't know what to expect. I pretty much know what he can do, so I figured out a certain voice he could do that would be great, even though I know very little about Bankotsu. Anyway, he had about two lines at the end of the episode and it was exactly how I wanted him to do it! I was really excited. In my happiness, I said "Bankotsu!" a la Ed because I'm prone to talking like him. Then I realized that the same guy does both of their voices. So I started laughing hysterically and my mom wondered what I was doing.

Okay, that's it. One overly interesting day plus a bonus story! Don'tcha love my incredibly long entries?
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Well, I've been busy. I made $38.70 at the rummage sale. Yay me. Look out for dripping sarcasm. Anyway, a lot of random stuff has been happening. Like me trying to explain the weather condition of "splurting" to my parents (it's when it's sprinkling on and off! Come on!). And my dad saying that "We're spreading freedom and democracy by fighting." And me having a dentist appointment today at 2 and an orthodontist one at 3. My mouth'll be hurting sooner or later. I still need to watch the DVDs my brother gave me. Especially before our third annual anime party. What's sad is that I never have anything to contribute to those. Except Inuyasha. But now I'll have Studio Ghibli once I watch them! Limited time offer! Eh, okay. In other news, using glitches in the original Pokemon games to your advantage is fun! It can't be cheating if it's built into the game! *kills everything with Mew*

...I haven't written a thing in weeks. I need to do that at some point.

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Well, I'm still jobless. Outside of the small jobs I have. I think it's time to throw in the towel, cause no one will hire me at this point, you know? I'll just stick to the odd jobs and maybe get one within walking distance of Augie. ...Wait, I'm living on the other side of campus next year. That changes distances! Anyway, yeah. I'm just chilling this summer. And trying to get my life back on track. Antidepressents are a wonderful thing. When taken responsibly.

I cannot believe Michael Jackson got off! I think the jurors decided that their own necks were more important than putting a criminal behind bars. I've been so bored I've paying attention to the news. Ick, it's Kikyo! Oh yeah, there's another filler on tonight. Oh, Inuyasha and it's filler season. Fillers all stink. Weird title though. Kikyo and Kagome Alone in a Cave... o_O? Oh dear, I've been corrupted... Hey, I've seen these scenes! So it's in this episode! ...You know I shouldn't make journal entries about what I'm watching on TV. And how I randomly found myself watching Fairly Odd Parents the other day and actually laughing. ...Okay, I'll shut up now.

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Well, I'm dead. Not really. But still. My parents now know how much crap I've gotten myself into and they're all gung ho getting me better. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to wait to tell them, cause I like resting! I still don't have a job. Outside of the one at my church. Gr.

Well, since things were very depressing these last 24 hours, a few things cheered me up. Like the fact that my favorite episode of Teen Titans was on. Ah, Terra. She was so cool. Especially in that first one. And then the funniest thing ever happened in the Inuyasha manga and it made me smile all day. I won't go into details for those of you who don't want spoilers and those of you who could care less, but wow I love Sango. Only she could turn things around like that and still have it be completely innocent *grins*. I'll give details to anyone who cares.

So, yeah. Those are the highlights in my life, sadly. Whose Line was funny... And I posted some stuff on Fanfiction.net. I still need to get things up for that site, though. Heh, sorry Cassie! Ah, OCD. Oh well. Now I need to get off so my mom can do something and then... I don't know. I have to go to the doctors and apply everywhere else I haven't yet. I blame Bush! Well, the job thing is his fault at least.

Whenever I feel like it again,

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