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Well, I got back yesterday, earlier than I would have liked because my dad was worried about the weather. The break was all right. I didn't really get a chance to veg out, though, which I would have liked. I saw the Harry Potter movie on Friday, which was freaking awesome.

Classes were actually canceled today. It wasn't even that bad earlier. Now we've got falling snow and wind. I think there are a couple of inches on the ground all ready. Yay for snow (and being inside)! I've felt like utter crap for the last few days; depression, colds, etc. It's not going so well for me right now. I was kind of glad to have today to sort of veg out and stuff. Blah, I'm feeling so down! Well, anyway, there's only 12 days (if that) until I get to go home again, so we'll see how things go.
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Holy freaking crap! Today started out on the crappy side. I don't feel up to expanding on that. So, we've got our next play coming up, "You Can't Take It With You," which opens Nov. 10. I heard yesterday that one of the girls who had a smaller part was not only leaving the cast, she was leaving the college all together. I vaguely wondered who they'd get to replace her, but put it at the back of my mind. So tonight, I went to company call, figured I'd be there an hour and a half, and then go do my homework. As I was getting ready to leave for the work part of it, Julia says, "Hey Kathy, would you mind reading for this part?" I was like, "Okay..." We just did this end of a scene, and the character is completely plastered and singing and stuff. So, long story short, after we did this, she said, "Okay, you have the part!" Me: O_O Thanks! So yeah. Thankfully it's not too huge of a part and I'm passed out most of the time, but still, I'm in the play now! Yay! I'm so happy! They'll have to find someone else to run the light board now, lol. Of course, this means I got to my room half an hour ago, and adding in winding down time and calling my mom, I haven't done my homework yet! AHHH!!!

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Midterms week is coming up... BLAH on that! And then Fall Break! New York City, here I come!!!

Well, now that I have Photoshop, I made more icons! i.e., if you don't care, ignore this post. I'm using three of the twenty-three, so, yeah. I'll miss you, Sango Grope and Ivan! You'll never be forgotten! ...Cause they're still saved on my computer.

Inuyasha [x8]
Detective Conan [x5]
Fruits Basket [x5]
Misc. [x5]

I have no life )
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Well, I haven't updated in ages. I have had a crap load of homework and I've been really sick, so that's why. And I have to go work on a project with Joe in 15 minutes, so this'll be quick.

Kaitou Kid DVD is awesome! It rocked my socks in both English and Japanese. More so in Japanese. Oh, Kappei Yamaguchi... I've also finally started to watch Cowboy Bebop thanks to my friend John. Seen the first five episodes so far, and it looks good! Other than that, no TV, so I've been missing new Teen Titans, Naruto, Inuyasha, and FMA. Oh well. My mom's taping the first three cause I forgot about the new ones for FMA XD. I also need to buy all of my new Graphic Novels... Bah! A curse on you, college! But I have to finishing paying for my New York trip this week and make my down payment for Tanzania, so we'll see.

In other randomness, I got Photoshop from Susan! Woo hoo! Now I'll never get off this thing XD. I plan on putting up some fics later tonight in the midst of my fifty million homework assignments, so if you like reading stuff and the shows I like, check them out ^^;. Okay, now I'm blabbering severely. Laters!



Aug. 31st, 2005 09:50 pm
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Well, it appears that since I'm back on campus, my life is so interesting that I'm posting a lot! But I had to share this. You know how when you wake up, there are a bunch of wrinkles and stuff on your pillow from sleeping on it? Well, this morning, I woke up, looked down at my pillow, and I swear the indents formed "HI." Yeah. I was scared. Then, later, I ran into an old friend of mine who apparently transferred here, so that was fun. First day went good. I haven't missed any classes yet, lol. We'll see how long I can keep that up... Okay, back to trying to make sense of my Music History homework.
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Well, now that I'm wide awake and have taken care of most of my errands, it's time for what I really wanted to put yesterday! Yay! First of all I plan on having my cell phone on a lot more (but it's not on right now cause I'm lazy), so if you want my number, e mail me and I'll give it to you. Also my room number if you want that. And if I'm not here, talk to Steve. I have a slight problem with my classes that I'll hopefully work out. What's really sad is that classes start tomorrow and I all ready have homework. What's REALLY sad is that I'm technically still a freshman credits wise. I'm gonna call myself a second-year freshman until I hopefully level up next semester, lol. Geez, I sound like an RPG... I've seen all of my favorite professors, and I have a list of goals posted in front of me and on the back of my door, so hopefully I'll have a good year! I'll only be on the internet when my homework is done (except tonight... I don't have that class til Thursday anyway ^^;), and if I say something like I just said in parenthesis, tell me to GET OFF! For those of you who talk to me on MSN, I can't get it to work right, but I will eventually, okay? I'm Krrrrrrrrrrrazy Kat, usually followed by a random comment, in case you didn't know. Okay, I think that's all... Here's to what will hopefully be an awesome year!

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Well, I don't have a ton of time, but I thought I'd fill you in quickly on my status. I'm heading for home today. I've only tipped the iceberg when it comes to cleaning/packing, so this is gonna be kind of interesting ^^;. I hope I survived the year enough. I still have a few things I need to run out and take care of, too, which isn't exactly going to help me any. Oh well. Anyway, since I'm going home for the summer, I don't know what my internet access will be like. Mostly likely, not good. I'll try to get on as much as possible, but with dial up and the insane plan my mother got for it, I'll have to see. I mean, I usually do my own thing, but I try to be good ^^. That made no sense... Anyway, yeah. I'm also hoping to get a job, although if things went as terribly as they may have, I may not need it. Or maybe that makes me need it all the more. Who knows? Okay, I gotta go. Later!


P.S.- I am not available until Monday. YOU HEARD ME!!!
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Well, today is basically the day for celebrating my birthday even though it's in exactly one week ^^. My parents will be in Michigan next weekend, so they came up today and we went to dinner, had cake at this little park, and I opened one present. It was fun, and yet still sort of depressing. Later tonight, we're doing a mass birthday cookie cake for Christie (who's birthday is today), me, and this other girl on our floor whose birthday is Tuesday. It seems like I won't be doing much on my real b-day. I mean, my "friends" here are limited. It's kind of sad. Hey, anybody wanna take a trip to Sioux Falls next Sunday? *grins*

And now, I must go back to my horribly messed up life. Well, it's been worse, but German has taken a bad turn. That's all I'll say for now. I pray that I can get everything back in line while there's still time for me to salvage my GPA. Plus, my mom said she would buy me Invader Zim (I told her I wanted it, even though I've only seen like two episodes) if I got As and Bs. Must work harder! lol.

Hopefully, I'll post a lot of stuff on ff.net on my birthday. But candy__chan's the only person here who reads those. And you guys frankly don't need to check them out, cause my stories are kind of weird and really bad. But I thought I should say that. ...I need to finish that hat. I've been working on it all week.

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My mouth hurts. I'm not even getting lunch. Stupid braces. At least they're finally on! But I'm not a happy camper right now. And the stupid cementy stuff is still stuck on my teeth. Blah. And blah again. We get to make hats in Production! Woo! They're due in a week, though. I really don't know why our teacher expects us to have free time, seeing as she's the one directing the play! Oh well, such is life. Did I mention that my mouth hurts? ...That's all for now. Check out my other random entries from this last week if you haven't all ready. They were very fun!

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Well, I'm back at school! My apologies to the Sioux City friends that I missed. The whole teeth thing set me back a few days. Now I need to focus on my school work! ...Crap...

As I said in my last entry, I really liked the Pope. I mean, yeah, I'm Presbyterian, but he stood for a lot of things that I stand for. And other things that I don't stand for, which makes me like him even more because differences are cool! I never watch the news, and yet when I first turned to, well, the Spanish channel, actually, and then I went to MSNBC because I couldn't tell what they were saying, I just kept watching it. I loved hearing about all of the stuff that he did. And, of course, the explanations of what happens next for those of us who have no clue. He was sort of THE pope for our generation. We grew up with him. Every pope from now on will be judged by his standard in our minds. That's just how life works. And I love the Popemobile. It's the coolest car on the planet. I want one. Seriously. I don't know what entails getting the title of "the Great", especially since there are only two popes from like 500 AD who have gotten that, but I think John Paul II deserves it. If people outside of the Roman Catholic church are this sad about it, you know he was doing extraordinary things. And inside, of course.

Pandas Online!


Oh yeah! Exactly 3 weeks til my birthday! ^_^
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I thought I should check in. I'm highly enjoying break. In fact, I've just been sitting on my lazy butt watching TV. Quiet enjoyable. My mouth hurts a little still, but it's better. The teeth pulling went fine, although now there are really obviously holes toward the front of my mouth. I'm also still trying to get back to chewing a lot. At least I can handle softer foods, unlike the first two days when I was living on pudding and Jello. And apparently, not only do I have insanely long roots, but there are little hooks on the end. That explains why my baby teeth never fell out.

I just read candy__chan's entry about Mrs. Gross. That really sucks. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I mean, I feel like I should do something, but I wasn't really hugely close to her or anything. And I don't know if I should mention anything to my mother and make her worry, but if the worst does happen, I'm sure she'll see it and then she'll call me and my sister about it anyway. I hate this stuff. I didn't even know how bad things were going for Erik, though. At least I'm ready for this. And then there's the Pope! I mean, yeah, I'm Presbyterian, but I still like him. He's a cool guy! And I love his car! There is no way that we could get a pope half as good as he is. I really think that the fact that he's lived so long with everything he's gone through is proof that there is a God. But that's just me. Oh yeah, and then that poor lady in Florida died today. The government should not have gotten involved in that mess. I think we should just leave those poor people alone and let them settle their dispute on their own. It'll never end. Even if they do find out how much functioning her brain had, they'll always fight. The world just plain sucks. Personally, I blame it all on Bush.

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Well, it's my brother's birthday! He's... 27? Yeah, 27. Wow. Anyway, my life isn't so great. I've finally decided to tackle my huge problem, so I might be missing from the world of the internet for a while so I can work on it. I'll spare you all the details. You don't wanna hear me rant. But hopefully, I'll get my life back in line soon. My answering machine's blinking, and I'm sure it's my mom. I just got back from rehearsal, and I'm a little afraid to check it, lol.

Spring Break starts on Friday! Yay! Easter is my favorite holiday, besides Christmas. I mean, you get that same good feeling without it being overly commercialized. And it's just such a great thing to celebrate! Jesus came back to life, and we get chocolate. What more could you want? Oh, I hope I catch that Toys R Us commercial if they're showing it again! You know, the one with the adorable rabbits singing? I LOVE that one!

...Okay, I really want some Double Stuf Oreos. Seriously. If any of you wanna get me a really early birthday present or Easter gift or "sorry you have to get your teeth pulled" thing, get me those! Yeah, I still can't decide if I should just get my wisdom teeth out in one fell swoop. We'll see.

Well, I need to go. Must use the facilities and then see what my mother has to say... '~'

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Anybody else wish that there was a pause button on the world so you could just have all the time you wanted? I know I do. I think my head's gonna asplode. And, of course, it's completely my own fault. I need to talk to a lot of people. I'll have to do that tomorrow before class, cause right now I just wanna rest.

Well, I'm in Skin of Our Teeth. I have a really small part, though. I say one line in the second act, and then I think I randomly come on stage. Oh well, it's definitely better than nothing. Stupid braces... I can't remember when the read-through is, though. Whoops. I should ask during choir to make sure I didn't all ready miss it. Wait, there's no way she could have it in the afternoon...

Other than that, I'm getting nothing done. My room's still a wreck, my stories aren't moving, and about the only thing I can focus on is making music videos. Life just hasn't been liking me these past few years...

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Well, things are kind of weird. Chai fest completely wore me out. Completely. I'm not feeling so hopelessly depressed, but I keep sleeping in. I was late for work, but I was the only one who was supposed to be in and no one goes to the Art Gallery anyway, so that was okay. Then today, I did another "sleep freakishly late" thing again, although this time I at least made it to choir. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'll have a long talk with my professors about it, especially my math one, and I'm planning on forcing myself to make a schedule later tonight so I can fall into habits. It'll be the best thing for me.

I don't know if I should pull an all-nighter to fix this right away or not. It might help. I need to do some reading and I haven't written in forever, so I'd have time to do that. *sigh* Curse the life of a college student. In more exciting news, I get to run the lighting board for the next play! True, I have absolutely no idea of how, but it'll be a good learning experience. I like tech stuff, and it's really fun now that I can actually do it. Erg... I am so busy this semester, and I'm not even taking as many classes!!! Oh well, things will work out in the end. I mean, they have to, don't they?

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Well, I'm back from tour! And I am pooped! No roomie yet, so I'm fairly certain that I won't be getting one. Oh well, that's life! Wow... I mean, tour was fun and all, but now I want my week off. And classes start tomorrow. Early bedtime for me!!!

I could go off on the wonderful stories of our trip, but they aren't that great even though a few are enjoyable, I guess. I just wanna sit around and do nothing for the next few days. Boo for classes starting tomorrow! They should have a "No class for people who were touring during break" day or something.

The Stupid... Super Bowl is tonight. I plan on keeping my usual tradition and not watch a bit of it. I kind of wish I could find an open TV, though, cause there's a Monk marathon for all of the non football fans like me. Oh well, that's life I guess.

I can't even think of anything else to say today...

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It's my mom's XXth birthday (censored in case she doesn't want the word out)! ...And she and like everybody else in my freaking family get to go see Shawn's play. But not me. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I HAVE CHOIR TOUR ALL NEXT WEEK!!! *fumes silently* Sure, I know it'll be fun, but I REALLY wanna see it... especially cause they have some cool equipment set up for special effects.

The final for my class is tomorrow. It shouldn't be too bad, though. This was a fun month. I still really need to do laundry and clean up in here before we leave on Saturday morning. I think I'll need to buy some stuff, too... Maybe Christie is going out sometime.

I am bored and tired. But no bed yet. We've got improv tonight, and we're finally diving head first into the stuff for the long-form style show. We're doing a Survivor/reality TV thing, and although the "research" is slowly killing my brain cells, making fun of that sad excuse for entertainment will be quiet enjoyable! ..That is, if I'm allowed to be in the main part of the cast. Stupid being a freshman... My brain has also been hating me lately, and I once again have horrible writers block, which is bad cause now I doubt I'll get anything written until February 6th cause that's when we come back. Fortunately, it'll be early so everyone else can watch the Stupid Bowl... I mean Super Bowl.

I have a bunch of random quizzes again, but I just don't feel like posting any of them... Maybe my next entry. Besides, I can't remember how to do a cut (although I did find out).

Until... much later,
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I thought I should check in. I don't have any homework, and tonight's improv isn't for a while, so... yeah. Class has been going fine. Watching movies really isn't that challenging, you know? We watched West Side Story yesterday and made many jokes about the dancing gangs. Then we watched the Sound of Music today. Seeing that after so many years made me realize something: that movie is really stupid! The only truly good part is at the end when the dad is singing "Edelweiss" (however you spell that) at the music competition. And those marionettes they use... *shudders* Those things are nightmare inducing, I swear! Tomorrow we're watching Cabaret, which I have never seen, so that'll be fun.

Improv was a lot of fun yesterday. We played Challenge and I actually won a game!!! That was like my third time playing it, I think... Yay me!!! It was sort of a fluke, but still. We have the improv fest coming up and we do a long-form show for that, which is why I keep having rehearsals. But I love it! I'm also having difficulties rearranging my room varying from poster once again not staying up to my printer running low on color ink. I wonder if I can just buy some somewhere; I don't believe that I can only order this stuff online. Dell just wants more money.

It looks like I have to get my teeth pulled next Friday. And I don't mean my Wisdom teeth, which are still living happily under my gums. These are the ones they have to pull for my braces. I haven't told my mom that next Friday is really the only time that will work, and once I do, I'll have to tell Dr. J. I pick up on music really quickly, though, so I'll probably be fine. But it'll stink. I've never had a surgery before, so I'm also kind of nervous about it... Oh well, such is life I guess. Stupid Wisdom teeth, I wish I could just get all eight (including the four for my braces) now and get it over with! My mouth has always been behind, though. I didn't get all of my baby teeth out until like sophmore or junior year in high school. Or maybe it means that I'm just not wise yet... lol.

Here's a quiz I stole from themonkeymaiden and Chuy:

FAVORITE SMELLS: Blueberry Muffins
COMFORT FOOD: Cotton Candy
FUTURE CHILD'S NAME: ...I haven't thought that far ahead
GLASS HALF-EMPTY OR FULL:Depends. Did you fill it to that point or empty it to there?
HOW MANY CITIES/TOWNS HAVE YOU LIVED IN: Two or Three (if you count college)


Until I get bored and/or something interesting happens,
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I gotta make this quick cause I still have more reading to do, but I thought I'd let you know I'm resettled in here. My class is fun. We watch musicals! ...And have some books to read obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be saying this'll be a short one. One of the movies we get to watch is "Waiting for Guffman." I LOVE that movie!

No roomie at this point, but it's not really second semester yet. I have two calendars now; my mother got me the Inuyasha monthly one. It's totally awesome, except the one month that has Kikyo on it is April, my birthday month!!!! Gr... But every time there's a New Moon, they have a picture of human Inuyasha! I was laughing for like ten minutes after I noticed it!

The whole braces thing has gotten messed up beyond belief. They apparently can't put everything in until I get the teeth pulled that they told us to. They told my mother originally that it would be all right if I still had them because they could work around it at first, but apparently not. It's a huge mess, and I am not in a good mood about it.

As I was saying, I must be working (and trying not to fall asleep). I shall return here... sometime.

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Well, I'm done with my finals. I hope I didn't mess up too much... And I really hope my grades aren't too bad. I'm pretty sure this is one of those hoity toity (how's that for an expression?) schools that'll kick you out after one semester if it's bad enough. Hopefully I pulled through... There really wasn't ever a need to talk to my Profs. It was all about the past, and I can't do anything about that, especially not here. And then that stupid flu had to hit me...

Anyway, now begins my mass clean up/ deciding what to take home fest. I'll have my computer with me, although I doubt I'll be getting online other than late at night. My printer's staying here, I think, as is Steve (my answering machine). I may or may not take DVDs and books home with me, I'll have to think. And I need to figure out what I'll need clothes wise. The good news is that any new roomie that I get will be coming for Spring Semester which starts in February, so I don't need to worry about halfing the room. Wait, do I need to bring the fridge back? Uh...

Well, I've much cleaning and packing to do before my parents come at 6:30. I shall see you all later!

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What am I doing up at this hour? Study for my last two finals, of course! Or, well, at least taking a break from it, lol. Of course, they're in Production and Religion, the two classes I'm positive I either have a D or an F in, so I really want to do well on the final in hopes that my grade goes up and I don't get kicked out after this semester. I'm really scared, that actually is a possibility if I've done as bad as I think I have. Getting the flu completely ruined my chances of redeeming myself in Acting and getting that paper work done in time. Try doing a five page paper and making up a journal I was supposed to be doing all semester when you can barely stand for longer than five minutes!!! I wish I was joking, I really do. It's just my gosh darn stress reaction. I shut down. I don't know why, I just do. And that only makes things worse. Add into that my fear of talking to my teachers, and you've got one screwed college student here. And what do I tell my parents? "Everything's going fine!!!" Yeah. Just wait until tomorrow night when they come to pick me up and I have to tell them the truth. I wonder if there'll be a point in me coming back in January if I flunk out...?

Until I get online again,

*falls over dead*

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