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Well, I haven't updated in ages. I have had a crap load of homework and I've been really sick, so that's why. And I have to go work on a project with Joe in 15 minutes, so this'll be quick.

Kaitou Kid DVD is awesome! It rocked my socks in both English and Japanese. More so in Japanese. Oh, Kappei Yamaguchi... I've also finally started to watch Cowboy Bebop thanks to my friend John. Seen the first five episodes so far, and it looks good! Other than that, no TV, so I've been missing new Teen Titans, Naruto, Inuyasha, and FMA. Oh well. My mom's taping the first three cause I forgot about the new ones for FMA XD. I also need to buy all of my new Graphic Novels... Bah! A curse on you, college! But I have to finishing paying for my New York trip this week and make my down payment for Tanzania, so we'll see.

In other randomness, I got Photoshop from Susan! Woo hoo! Now I'll never get off this thing XD. I plan on putting up some fics later tonight in the midst of my fifty million homework assignments, so if you like reading stuff and the shows I like, check them out ^^;. Okay, now I'm blabbering severely. Laters!

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Okay, time for my long in coming Katrina rant. Most of my comments will be taken from conversations I've had with Evan over the last few days. Anyway, yeah. New Orleans had it coming. Wait a second, I'll explain! I remember around the time Charley or Ivan or one of those big hurricanes was running around and it looked like it might hit New Orleans, and I distinctly remember hearing them say that it was a disaster waiting to happen. I mean, come on. This is living proof that you don't cut costs since the odds of a category 5 hurricane are slim. The people did not have it coming. The city did. Plus, did anyone even like New Orleans? I swear, this pandemonium down there isn't anything different from how crazy it usually is. It just isn't "fun" crazy. I think they should just forget the levees, leave the water, and make it the American version of Venice. You know, gondoliers rowing through the French Quarter singing jazz music... That would be so awesome. But is anyone even going to move back? I know I wouldn't. Especially after having to live in a football stadium for who knows how long. What makes me mad is that fuel prices are skyrocketing, and we're trying to get finalized plans for Tanzania. I've worked so hard to raise money! Kathy must be able to pay for it! Dr. J hasn't told us what it is as of now, but still! We should get a "college choir on a good will mission" discount. You know who I blame for this whole mess? No, not Katrina. Katrina isn't even a person. That's right, as always, I blame Bush!
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I really hate my life. I honestly feel like I only have three friends, and that's only because they'll IM me whenever I'm on AOL or MSN. Then there's this stupid theater department where I don't feel like I'm a part of it at all. I honestly think the only reason I get any attention paid to me is because either it's one of the few other people who don't feel like a part of it (and none of them are majors), because my being a major gives them money, or because they have a question and no one else is around (seriously just happened). I mean, I'm sitting in the office crying and like three people have said something to me about it. Three. Out of about thirty people here. I'm totally skipping strike. I felt like crap in the first place and this just isn't helping. This place is so freaking cliquey and I'm not in one so I don't matter! It's like freaking show choir all over again. It's really too bad that I wanna be a voice actress so much (and go to Africa), because otherwise, I'd leave. In fact, I'm going to see how next year goes (mostly for Tanzania), and see about transferring. I don't know if any other schools will be any better. Chances are I won't have any friends there either. But I just feel like crap. It's like I don't matter to anyone. Except for like those three people who IM me all the time, and that makes me happy.

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I'm feeling better! I mean, the problem's still there, but personally I'm doing great! I still have a lot of work to do, but I can! You know what's really weird? FanFiction.net. The stories that I care the least about writing are the ones that do the best for me! Seriously. I made this one chapter story just for the heck of it, and in the last four days nearly twenty people have reviewed it. It's insane! I don't understand it at all... Oh well.

Yesterday in choir, Dr. J said he would have a big announcement for us today. And of course, we all knew what it would be about. That being where next summer's international tour will be. They've gone to places like Norway, France, Germany, Italy, and most recently Ireland. So at the end of rehearsal today, he finally decided to tell us, not without a joke about "I just saved big money on my car insurance..." Hee hee, I thought it was funny. And now, this is pretty much exactly what he said to us, and my mental reaction.

DR. J: Have you heard of Lake Victoria?
ME: (being the geography whiz that I am, my eyes went very wide at this. Everyone else just nodded while trying to remember where it is)
DR. J: Have you heard of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
ME: (everyone else still seemed to not fully catch what he was getting at. I was about falling off my seat)
DR. J: We will be going to Tanzania.

I had seen this coming, but still, I freaked out with everyone else. And the seniors were mad, but they can come if they really want to. Dr. J even said so. So yeah. As long as I get back in gear with my school work, get a job, and something doesn't happen that makes this plan fall through (which is highly possible), I will be in Africa for about two weeks next summer. Seriously.

For those of you who still are confused, this is where I'll be (I hope):

Actually, there's a story behind this. While on tour, we went to a church that has a sister church there, which is what got Dr. J interested in the first place, I think. We're mostly going there to help show them what it means to be Lutheran, and he told those of us that aren't that we'll have to be for this trip, lol. He also said that it's a British country, so their English will be better than ours. Again, it could possibly fall through, but he said he didn't want to tell us until he was pretty much positive that this was going to work. He even said that there would be two days for Safaris! So, I REALLY need to get a job set up while I'm on break, get my grades back up, and get a new passport, probably a Visa, and a lot of shots. Yay!

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