Aug. 21st, 2005 06:38 pm
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Well, I'm here at my grandma's house! I have been for about an hour and a half now. And I'm all ready bored stiff! I mean, I love coming to Dallas and all, but sitting around and talking is not my idea of fun. And that's all these people know how to do. My two uncles haven't even shown up. Good grief, I'm going to be the only person under 50 here. Except Toulee. But he has a short attention span. Like me, only different. What really stinks is that I don't even have first dibs on the TV. And it's usually food that I don't care too much for. Plus, with these braces now, I don't know what I can eat. I really wish there was something worth doing here... I was really smart and brought my Game Boy and then proceeded to forget to save the transfer data I put into my Golden Sun game so I can't play that. Well, I could, but where's the fun in that? The Gold Password is freaking impossible to use, anyway. I have other games, but they're not as fun and I've beaten them one too many times. They need some good new GBA games stat. Man, the internet here is even like the lowest grade possible. It's worse than on my usual computer. My icon isn't shining or whatever you call that. If I end up using that one on this post, lol. I need to write, too. But all I brought was my notebook. Maybe that'll work. I don't know. I'm 19. Fun for me is going out and doing stuff, not sitting around telling stories about stuff that happened to you or your family members. Fun is eating junk food and watching cartoons, not eating chicken cooked in whatever sauce and watching baseball. Baseball is more fun live. Actually, I may get to go to a Rangers game. I haven't been there in nearly ten years. My last game of any kind was at Wrigley when I was 16. Go Cubs!!! I also have a few more things to shop for, so maybe I can make a fun trip out of this. ...I should have totally brought my Zim DVD. I think my Grandma has a DVD player. Or maybe Fruits Basket. Darn it! ...I want a Game Cube. Okay, I'm done whining for now. I'll be back soon, though. Cause there's nothing better to do here.

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Well, I'm still jobless. Outside of the small jobs I have. I think it's time to throw in the towel, cause no one will hire me at this point, you know? I'll just stick to the odd jobs and maybe get one within walking distance of Augie. ...Wait, I'm living on the other side of campus next year. That changes distances! Anyway, yeah. I'm just chilling this summer. And trying to get my life back on track. Antidepressents are a wonderful thing. When taken responsibly.

I cannot believe Michael Jackson got off! I think the jurors decided that their own necks were more important than putting a criminal behind bars. I've been so bored I've paying attention to the news. Ick, it's Kikyo! Oh yeah, there's another filler on tonight. Oh, Inuyasha and it's filler season. Fillers all stink. Weird title though. Kikyo and Kagome Alone in a Cave... o_O? Oh dear, I've been corrupted... Hey, I've seen these scenes! So it's in this episode! ...You know I shouldn't make journal entries about what I'm watching on TV. And how I randomly found myself watching Fairly Odd Parents the other day and actually laughing. ...Okay, I'll shut up now.

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Well, today is basically the day for celebrating my birthday even though it's in exactly one week ^^. My parents will be in Michigan next weekend, so they came up today and we went to dinner, had cake at this little park, and I opened one present. It was fun, and yet still sort of depressing. Later tonight, we're doing a mass birthday cookie cake for Christie (who's birthday is today), me, and this other girl on our floor whose birthday is Tuesday. It seems like I won't be doing much on my real b-day. I mean, my "friends" here are limited. It's kind of sad. Hey, anybody wanna take a trip to Sioux Falls next Sunday? *grins*

And now, I must go back to my horribly messed up life. Well, it's been worse, but German has taken a bad turn. That's all I'll say for now. I pray that I can get everything back in line while there's still time for me to salvage my GPA. Plus, my mom said she would buy me Invader Zim (I told her I wanted it, even though I've only seen like two episodes) if I got As and Bs. Must work harder! lol.

Hopefully, I'll post a lot of stuff on on my birthday. But candy__chan's the only person here who reads those. And you guys frankly don't need to check them out, cause my stories are kind of weird and really bad. But I thought I should say that. ...I need to finish that hat. I've been working on it all week.

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You know, I know that the show went from good to bad, but this is just... I don't know. Scary and exciting. And it's real. That I'm fairly certain about.

Powerpuff Girls Z?
They're not joking?

I get my braces finished on Tuesday. Yay! Not. Geez, is it all ready almost Monday? I hate time. Other than that, nothing else overly interesting. That's why my last two entries have been based around stuff I found online!



Jan. 18th, 2005 05:45 pm
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Well, somebody called in a bomb threat today. Apparently for the Humanities building at 6 o'clock, of all times and places. I personally don't believe it, but they closed the building a few minutes ago just in case. And by a few minutes ago, I mean I still had all of my classes in there. How safe. It's kind of like middle school all over again, except this time me and Alicia Folkers didn't figure out who it was before the cops did. Mostly because she isn't even at this school, but still.

I got a PDQ Bach CD yesterday. It has the famous (in my house, at least) "New Horizons in Music Appreciation: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony" on it. It's so funny! Schiekle and this other guy commentate it like a football game. I'm listening to it now... LOL!!! Another funny CD that I at least listened to yesterday was the VeggieTales "plug in your name" CD that I got from my sister. It made me laugh so much. I think the only reason I liked it was it was VeggieTales. Hearing Larry the Cucumber saying my name was a little surprising. My parents got me a new alarm clock. It has a CD player and a radio and I can wake up to one of those or a buzzer. I still have my other one working, too. So now, I can have a large variety of things to get me out of bed ^^. I should totally use my VeggieTales one of these days. With Larry saying my name so much, I'm sure I'd wake up.

Well, nothing's blown up yet, but there's still like fifteen minutes to go. If it actually does happen (Ha ha ha, I made a funny), I'll let you know as long as I don't get caught in the aftershock or anything. ...Aftershock... *starts crying* That was a bad word to use, and if you watch Teen Titans, you'd know why. ...BWAH HA HA!!! This CD is so funny... Later!
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Anybody else here while LJ was dead for a while? I know I noticed it. I am so bored right now! And I'm not sleepy, either. I should write...

I LOVE my job! May I say that? Cause, I mean, come on, rarely do you get payed to sit and do your homework. And since the gallery won't be open tomorrow, I came in today and helped moved things and stuff for about an hour. Then the guy in charge said I could put down 3! Yay for that! True, my back will probably be killing me in the morning for the lifting and stuff that I had to do, but I got over-time in a sense and that makes me feel good.

I just found a new web comic. Normally, I just read 8-bit Theater, but I was randomly looking around and found this really awesome one. It's like a Powerpuff Girls manga, but it includes a ton of other shows. It has Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Billy and Mandy, Johnny Bravo, Fairly Odd Parents, and Invader Zim to name a few. It's kind of weird, but I love it! Maybe it's because a lot of shows that used to be good are coming together and being good again... I don't know. This is how boring my life is right now!

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So, Fall Break is now over *sniff sniff*. I must admit, it went by very quickly... I didn't get to do most of the things I needed to, but I was relaxing!!! I may go home for Halloween just so I can Trick or Treat at my church... Hee hee hee... My costume is awesome!!!

So, the impossible finally happened and I UPDATED ONE OF MY FICS!!! "The Youkai of Oz" to be precise. Check it out, would ya? ^_^ I'm a sucker for reviews!

And so, my life continues. "Honk!" is ever approaching (and my brother is coming to see it!!! YAY!!!), I'm still writing, and I have classes... This weekend was nice, though. I've missed my Cartoon Network! Wow, that election thing they're doing is PERFECT!!! The people they picked perfectly mirror the real candidates! Ironically, though, I voted for Ed but I voted in the real election (absentee) for Kerry.

I'm getting SOOOOO worried about this election... I am praying to every god (especially the one I believe in) that Bush doesn't win! Me and mischeivousmonkey are so moving to Canada if that happens... I hear it's nice up there... Then we can get married, my darling! lol

I'm getting some fishies!!! I have the aquarium, and I have to leave the water in it for a week, so hopefully somebody here will take me to get them! I have the types and names decided on and everything *laughs evilly*. I'm really enjoying myself for some unknown reason right now...

I should go... Stuff to do, and unfortunately, that means I need time! I shall return!

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Heh, you even see that episode of Family Guy where they were going to a Red Sox game and Chris made a sign that said "John 3:16" and Meg asked what it meant and that's what Brian read out of the Bible (my subject, I mean)? I died laughing when I saw that, and thought it would be appropriate (cause I forgot to use it yesterday XD).

On a more relevant note, my computer is all better!!! Yay for Computer Help Desk!! It's working fine now!!! Heck, it's better than it was before! I heart it! I also heart this website I found. It's better than the site I've been using to read Inuyasha straight from Japan. This one not only updates more frequently and closer to the release, but it's the scans of the manga with English words!!! It's so awesome! I wish they had #292, though... Oh well, both sites have their strong points!

I gotta go, but I just wanted to let you know that my computer is all better!


(I'm not even trying anymore...)


Aug. 25th, 2004 12:33 pm
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Hi, everybody! I'm msbbt! Can you figure out what it stands for? Mwah ah ah!

I thought I should do something introductory on my first day! I am a crazy 18 year old who loves cartoons. I'm also on under the name Fred the Mutant Pickle in case you want to check that out. I might talk about that a lot in my entries... ^-^

Anyway, I'm about to start college, and I'm kind of nervous, but it'll be fun, you know? I like making people laugh more than anything else. My favorite shows are Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Inuyasha (obsession alert!), MST3K, Trigun, Powerpuff Girl (the first few seasons were good), Teen Titans (obsession alert!), Whose Line?, Monk, and Rurouni Kenshin (although I'm reading the manga now...). I've seen many animes (I count them as a type of cartoon), and pretty much every show on Cartoon Network, although with school coming up, my TV time will drastically be cut down...

Well, it's late! I'd better go! See ya around!


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