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Well, now that I'm wide awake and have taken care of most of my errands, it's time for what I really wanted to put yesterday! Yay! First of all I plan on having my cell phone on a lot more (but it's not on right now cause I'm lazy), so if you want my number, e mail me and I'll give it to you. Also my room number if you want that. And if I'm not here, talk to Steve. I have a slight problem with my classes that I'll hopefully work out. What's really sad is that classes start tomorrow and I all ready have homework. What's REALLY sad is that I'm technically still a freshman credits wise. I'm gonna call myself a second-year freshman until I hopefully level up next semester, lol. Geez, I sound like an RPG... I've seen all of my favorite professors, and I have a list of goals posted in front of me and on the back of my door, so hopefully I'll have a good year! I'll only be on the internet when my homework is done (except tonight... I don't have that class til Thursday anyway ^^;), and if I say something like I just said in parenthesis, tell me to GET OFF! For those of you who talk to me on MSN, I can't get it to work right, but I will eventually, okay? I'm Krrrrrrrrrrrazy Kat, usually followed by a random comment, in case you didn't know. Okay, I think that's all... Here's to what will hopefully be an awesome year!


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