Apr. 5th, 2005

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Well, I've got spacers AGAIN. Stupid orthodontist. Oh well, it's almost over. Sort of. I should get the whole thing finished next Tuesday, and with any luck have them off in two years. However, they don't really hurt too much this time. I think it's because those teeth are gone so they aren't getting pushed against. There's just a little pain, but I can still eat normally. And that's good, cause I have nothing soft here. I really haven't been brushing too well, but she didn't say anything. Maybe it's good enough, hee hee.

I'm on sleeping pills again, too. Yay for crazy personal issues! No, really. It's so hot outside! I'm only wearing pants because I don't feel like wearing shorts. Erg. I hate spacers. It feels like there's food stuck in my teeth and I want to fish it out. Think they'd notice? Hee hee, anyway, yeah, that's basically it from my world. Just need to work out some me things, and life should get back to normal. I wonder if I'm going to get a job for the summer? I sure hope so. $3500 dollars doesn't make itself. Okay. I'm seriously done now.


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