May. 5th, 2005

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So, apparently, these people have decided that right below my room is a good place to have a mini barbecue thingy complete with a guitar and a hand drum (at least the kid playing it is a percussionist). I mean, that's all fun for them, but I frankly didn't ask for music and my room isn't exactly soundproof. It's rather annoying, because they are literally right below here. Blah. Mayhaps I should put on some music. Besides, this guy only appears to know two rhythms and I kind of want to throw something at them... Stupid screens. ...Okay, that's it for my life. Well, not really. Tomorrow is the start of the 48 hour play festival thingy. So, I audition in the afternoon, find out that night, and if there's a miracle and I get in, there'll be a performance on Saturday. But yeah. It's hard to explain, and I frankly want to see if I can close my window any tighter at the present. I've been in really bad moods lately. Could ya tell?


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