Sep. 30th, 2005

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Well, I just watched Inuyasha Movie 3. And may I say, wow. I mean, I saw the subbed version half a year ago, but seeing it in English was just... great. I loved the dub to pieces. It's definitely my favorite of the Yasha movies (it's weird. I refer to the show as Yasha and the character as Inu). You've gotta love a movie with Sesshomaru and co., though. It even featured all of my favorite Inuyasha couples in a sense, too! Inuyasha/Kagome, obviously, Miroku/Sango (THAT SCENE CAME OUT SO AWESOME!!!), and Sesshormaru/Rin. Yes, I'm a Fluffy/Rin fan. When she's older, for Pete's sake! And yeah, once again Kirby Morrow and Kelly Sheridan pulled off an awesome scene between each other. I literally screamed in fangirl happiness. And my door was open. I can't wait to see how 132 comes out... They're so talented! Dubbing has to be hard, you know. Even Rin is good, and her voice actress is like 14 o_O. Of course, the original is awesome. I guess it's just easier to feel the emotion in your own language. English and Japanese are very different when it comes to expressing emotions. But yeah. Thank you very much, VIZ. I love this movie. Now, why couldn't you wait until 136 like you were supposed to? It makes my favorite scene so uberly random!

And now, some funny lists I thought up from watching the movie.

Favorite characters
This has gone through many changes in the day, and today I realized it needed major updated, as the last time I wrote one it went:
1. Sango
2. Inuyasha
3. Rin
4. Miroku
5. Sesshomaru
6. Kirara
7. Kagura
Now it goes... um... *thinks*
1. Sango
2. Bankotsu
3. Miroku
4. Sesshomaru
5. Rin
6. Inu-Papa
7. Inuyasha
8. Kagura
9. Jakotsu
10. Kirara

The many stages of Tetsusaiga (SPOILER WARNING)

1. Ooo, a new sword that can turn into a big fang!

2. Uh oh, I need a new attack! Sesshomaru can do it! I'll have to meet this old annoying guy and learn it while fighting Sesshomaru, going blind, and finally seeing Kaze no Kizu (Wound of the Wind) [dub: Wind Scar], the ultimate attack!

3. Great, the sword broke and I keep turning into a demon, which vanishes after about 30 episodes or so. So I had the guy fix it, but now it's too heavy. I must defeat the enemy my father died to defeat and learn Bakuryuuha (Exploding Current Blast) [Backlash Wave], the ultimate attack!

4. Gasp! Naraku now has a barrier! I must kill some big thing that's supposed to be a bat and gain the power to destroy barriers with the Akai Tetsusaiga (Red Tetsusaiga), which becomes obsolete after I use it for a dozen episodes!

5. Well, now that the Shichinintai Arc is over, Naraku has a new body and new minions! Since FMP doesn't know this story line exactly, something happens where while not thinking about powering up my sword, I get the power of Kongousouha (Diamond Spear Blast) [no dub name yet], the ultimate attack!

6. Hey, the anime's over! Well, the manga keeps going. Mouryoumaru sucks! And now I'm fighting a guy with a sword that sucks with magical scale thingies! But once I beat him, Tetsusaiga sucks! Yes, I now have the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga!

7. Fight a creepy old tree guy on the night of the new moon, get some stuff that stops the youki from shooting back out at me from my new sucking sword! Cause that... sucks.

8. Okay, confusing story with Mouryoumaru, Kinka, and Ginka. And now my Dragon-scale Tetsusaiga has FIRE POWER! Woo hoo!

9. I'm currently helping some guy that's supposed to help me truly master my new sword in the manga, possibly teaching me the ultimate attack!

Sesshomaru: Moron. Watch me use Tenseiga's Meidou-Zangetsuha (Blast of the Dark Path of Dawn's Moon o.o;)!!!

Inuyasha: Ack! *runs away*

...That was long ^^;

Marching Choir tomorrow morning!!!

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