Nov. 12th, 2005 09:15 am
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Yeah, I know you're all wondering about why I'm up at 9 am on a Saturday, and I'd love to tell you about how well the show is going and that I'm in the improv show tonight and what my parents and I did when they came to see it on opening night, but well... The reason I'm awake was I just got a phone call, and it's prayer request time. Apparently one of the girls that's done tech on this show and the last one got in a really bad car accident last night and it doesn't look good. We're meeting at 10:30 to talk about it as a company, I guess. Good grief, how are we supposed to do the show tonight?! How are we supposed to do improv?! She was watching rehearsal on Wednesday night!! I mean, I'm not close to her, but I still just feel... I can't explain it =/. Hoping for the best here.
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Well, things are kind of weird. Chai fest completely wore me out. Completely. I'm not feeling so hopelessly depressed, but I keep sleeping in. I was late for work, but I was the only one who was supposed to be in and no one goes to the Art Gallery anyway, so that was okay. Then today, I did another "sleep freakishly late" thing again, although this time I at least made it to choir. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'll have a long talk with my professors about it, especially my math one, and I'm planning on forcing myself to make a schedule later tonight so I can fall into habits. It'll be the best thing for me.

I don't know if I should pull an all-nighter to fix this right away or not. It might help. I need to do some reading and I haven't written in forever, so I'd have time to do that. *sigh* Curse the life of a college student. In more exciting news, I get to run the lighting board for the next play! True, I have absolutely no idea of how, but it'll be a good learning experience. I like tech stuff, and it's really fun now that I can actually do it. Erg... I am so busy this semester, and I'm not even taking as many classes!!! Oh well, things will work out in the end. I mean, they have to, don't they?

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So, I'm sitting here in the theater office and feeling completely and utterly down in the dumps. Not only am I exhausted from all of this improv stuff, I barely got to do anything in the show tonight and my parents were here. I always want to do my best, so when I don't get to, I feel like a loser or that the other people on the team don't like me. Then they had two short shows in which a few people got to go twice, but did I get to play? No! Never mind that I've never missed a rehearsal and a few first year people are in. Sure, I don't come to Cool Beans, but I don't have a freaking car and I'm too shy to ask for rides!!! They should know that! I'm just as competent!!! God, I now regret starting in competitive individual improv, I really do. I completely lack the mentality I should have. Either that, or it's just my depression. I better go, people keep staring at me and if they read this, word could get to the heads and I don't want them to know. It's my problem. I don't want them to either a) think I'm not a team player and completely leave me out or b) let me do waaaay too much to make me feel better. I've even got my Zoloft back... Curse this unexplainable illness. Curse it, I say!

Oh yes, the other thing that's bugging me. Obviously, I love individual improv. I think it's great. This guy who was here last year was doing a show again and I was really pumped to see it. But this one lady in the audience not only kept yelling lines for outsiders, she actually got up on stage with him! In the solo show! Everybody says she's supposed to be good, but it made me so mad!!! I wanted solo improv, not one guy being three people and then a lady! I really hope I don't run into her. With the way my mind is working right now, I could definitely say something I regret. You know, it's times like this when I don't know why I love improv. Let's hope the feelings that have kept me going come back soon, cause this is not good.

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Ah, Zoloft. How do I love thee? Well, let's see here... Yesterday was kinda sucky cause one of my teeth started hurting early in the morning. It's still a little uncomfortable. I had to run home after improv (which got out like around 1 AM cause it was our first tech) and go to the dentist at 8 this morning. I may or may not need a root canal, which'll suck but they say it's not as bad as it sounds. However, I kept being really non-specific on the symptoms just to bug them ^^. I don't like dentists. The nurses are fine, but the head ones... *shudders* I like the other guy at the office better, and I've only had him once and he still wasn't that great. And anyway, it's just as much their fault that this tooth became so bad as it is mine! Seriously! It's a long story, but it's true! They could have gotten the cavity earlier, but they didn't. Their fault, too!!!

Anyway, I randomly decided to switch videos games. I bought two on tour, especially because my goal for the trip was to beat The Adventure of Link and I did within the first half hour on the bus. I'm at the last battle in the new game, Minish Cap or whatever it's called, but I suddenly decided to play my other new one, the original Metroid. I love playing all of these old games I used to watch my brother play! It's so much fun! And then you think about how things have evolved and the characters that have lasted and stuff. I mean, Mario's basically just added from the original, Link is always running around with a sword and going into dungeons, Samus finds some monster ridden planet, another Final Fantasy turns up, and Kirby keeps on eating things. Still, as they make better and better games, the old ones are still freaking awesome too! I love how things like that stand the test of time. Plus, me, Link, and Samus have grown up together! Their first games came out in 86.

Back to my actually good day, which is what this was supposed to be about and I never really mentioned it. Improv practice was so freaking awesome tonight!!! For me, at least. We're working on our Long-form show, which is more or less a 75 minute thingy. We're doing "Improvivor," so it's Reality TV stuff. Depending on where you get randomly placed in this, you draw out your name, occupation, and where you're from. Mine job was an OCD personal hygenist. Yeah. Not much acting there! I just did me mixed with a little bit of Monk! At the very end, Julia told us to do a slow motion review thingy, and everyone else was going into hug and a few people brought up commercials. I didn't think my character would hug, so I thought for a second and pretended to see something I needed to wipe up on the floor, still in slow motion. Most of the people watching said that was their favorite moment all night!!! ^_^ I'm so happy!!! I love it when I actually do something good in improv! It makes me feel so special! The show's gonna be great, though. You guys should really try to come and see it. We're doing it Friday and Saturday night, and it's five dollars for a pass to BOTH shows, although I doubt you'd come for both. My parents wanna go up one of those days, for any of you Sioux City people. And we have improv workshops all day Saturday, too! Registration is fairly cheap, I think! Come on down/up!!!

*looks at my last entry* Yep. I cannot lose those pills again!,
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I just met the most terrifying person I have ever seen in my life. Yes, it even topped when I had to go to that Bush rally. Fact is, it was the guy who did the art for the newest exhibit at the gallery. I mean, he was funny and all, but I frankly felt really uncomfortable around him, although I don't know why. The strangest part was when he was like, "Go get me a soda!" and I stood there for a moment and he then proceeded to tell me what he wanted, and I next found myself across the street at the archeology lab, where I have never been before and it smelled funny, asking the lady there who also runs the art gallery if they had any of the stuff he wanted. The irony came in the fact that I had just read the first chapter in Fruits Basket vol. 7 in which Hiro starts picking on Tohru for picking up his shoe after he told her to. I'm frankly very glad to be sitting in my safe little room right now...

As for more terrifying news, I can't find my medicine! I had what I needed for the trip with me and I left the rest of it here, but I cannot find it. Needless to say, I haven't taken it in four days and my emotions are running rampart. Also, my obsession level is waaaaaaaaay up. Not a good week, especially since classes started.

I need to write. I really need to write. But my brain doesn't like me... I should force myself or something... I'm really tired. Thanks to the lack of medication my sleep schedule is much odder than usual because I feel the insatiable need to kill all humans or something similar. Well, not really, but my mood swings are fatal right now. You did not want to see me after improv last night. True, I wasn't on the ball, and that happens, but I am 50 times harder on myself than usual and I'm usually pretty dang critical of me.

Brighter notes? My mommy came up yesterday and gave me a lot of stuff that I needed!!! That was good. And my math class is easy, which is also good. And no choir today! Yay! Seriously, after 12 straight days, three days off will be nice.

Whenever I feel the need to ramble again,
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It's my mom's XXth birthday (censored in case she doesn't want the word out)! ...And she and like everybody else in my freaking family get to go see Shawn's play. But not me. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I HAVE CHOIR TOUR ALL NEXT WEEK!!! *fumes silently* Sure, I know it'll be fun, but I REALLY wanna see it... especially cause they have some cool equipment set up for special effects.

The final for my class is tomorrow. It shouldn't be too bad, though. This was a fun month. I still really need to do laundry and clean up in here before we leave on Saturday morning. I think I'll need to buy some stuff, too... Maybe Christie is going out sometime.

I am bored and tired. But no bed yet. We've got improv tonight, and we're finally diving head first into the stuff for the long-form style show. We're doing a Survivor/reality TV thing, and although the "research" is slowly killing my brain cells, making fun of that sad excuse for entertainment will be quiet enjoyable! ..That is, if I'm allowed to be in the main part of the cast. Stupid being a freshman... My brain has also been hating me lately, and I once again have horrible writers block, which is bad cause now I doubt I'll get anything written until February 6th cause that's when we come back. Fortunately, it'll be early so everyone else can watch the Stupid Bowl... I mean Super Bowl.

I have a bunch of random quizzes again, but I just don't feel like posting any of them... Maybe my next entry. Besides, I can't remember how to do a cut (although I did find out).

Until... much later,
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Well, if you were wondering about my lack of updates (and I'm sure you weren't), it's because nothing's really been happening in my little world. The only really interesting thing is the fact that I did something that embarrassed the crap out of me in improv last night, but I refuse to go into details. Class is fun. Some of the musicals are very disturbing, but oh well. We get to watch "Waiting for Guffman" today! Yippee! Anyway, to let you know that I didn't die or anything, I stole this survey thingy from Chuy!


Age: 18
Sex: No way! Ha ha ha, female
B-date: April 24, 1986
Chinese Astrological Sign: Tiger (yay Kisa!)
Do you know any famous people that share your sign?: Apparently Chuy does! (and apparently he's famous)
Siblings: One brother and one sister
Pets: One turtle (Duluth) and two fish (Sango and Terra)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120
Piercings: No
Tattoos: No


Color: Pink
Animal: Turtle
Food: Pizza
Drink: Vanilla Coke (starts crying)
Ice cream: Double Strawberry (Blue Bunny outdid themselves with that...)
Music: things from cartoons, Disney movies, normal movies, and anime
Book: Lord of the Rings
Band: *stares blankly*
Song: "Change the World" by V6
Sport: Golf and Baseball
Store: Suncoast
Clothes: Anything comfy. And with some design that shows what I like or think.
Accessories: Hats
Movie: Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo
Actress: *stares blankly again*
TV Show: Animaniacs (there are so many others that I love, too...)

Random Q's

Who would you like to meet?: Bush so I can trick him into saying that he's not really running this country.
Dream job: Voice Actress
Dream car: Anything that drives
Dream house: If it has a roof, I'll take it
Ever Broken Anything?: Not a bone. I've broken other things, though. Like pencils.
Ever gotten in a car accident?: I was in the car when my mom had a fender bender
Do you believe in Angels?: Yes
Do you believe in heaven?: Yes
Do you believe in hell?: Yes, but I don't think anyone can go there thanks to Jesus (except Hitler)
Ever been out of the country?: Yep
Worst fear?: Death

Relationships Q's

Got a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Never ^_^
Ever had your heart broken?: No
Ever cheated?: No (in all senses of the word)
How would you react if your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated?: I'd say things to let them know that I knew without really saying it to torture them mentally.
How would you react if your husband/wife cheated?: See above

Last Q

Like this survey?: I don't know. Do you mean "Did I like it?" or "What other things are like it?" (I'm kidding, by the way)
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I thought I should check in. I don't have any homework, and tonight's improv isn't for a while, so... yeah. Class has been going fine. Watching movies really isn't that challenging, you know? We watched West Side Story yesterday and made many jokes about the dancing gangs. Then we watched the Sound of Music today. Seeing that after so many years made me realize something: that movie is really stupid! The only truly good part is at the end when the dad is singing "Edelweiss" (however you spell that) at the music competition. And those marionettes they use... *shudders* Those things are nightmare inducing, I swear! Tomorrow we're watching Cabaret, which I have never seen, so that'll be fun.

Improv was a lot of fun yesterday. We played Challenge and I actually won a game!!! That was like my third time playing it, I think... Yay me!!! It was sort of a fluke, but still. We have the improv fest coming up and we do a long-form show for that, which is why I keep having rehearsals. But I love it! I'm also having difficulties rearranging my room varying from poster once again not staying up to my printer running low on color ink. I wonder if I can just buy some somewhere; I don't believe that I can only order this stuff online. Dell just wants more money.

It looks like I have to get my teeth pulled next Friday. And I don't mean my Wisdom teeth, which are still living happily under my gums. These are the ones they have to pull for my braces. I haven't told my mom that next Friday is really the only time that will work, and once I do, I'll have to tell Dr. J. I pick up on music really quickly, though, so I'll probably be fine. But it'll stink. I've never had a surgery before, so I'm also kind of nervous about it... Oh well, such is life I guess. Stupid Wisdom teeth, I wish I could just get all eight (including the four for my braces) now and get it over with! My mouth has always been behind, though. I didn't get all of my baby teeth out until like sophmore or junior year in high school. Or maybe it means that I'm just not wise yet... lol.

Here's a quiz I stole from themonkeymaiden and Chuy:

FAVORITE SMELLS: Blueberry Muffins
COMFORT FOOD: Cotton Candy
FUTURE CHILD'S NAME: ...I haven't thought that far ahead
GLASS HALF-EMPTY OR FULL:Depends. Did you fill it to that point or empty it to there?
HOW MANY CITIES/TOWNS HAVE YOU LIVED IN: Two or Three (if you count college)


Until I get bored and/or something interesting happens,
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Yeah, I know, I need to stop updating, but at least this keeps me from having freakishly long entries that drive everyone (including me) crazy! However, with finals and break coming up, I won't be on here that much, so I thought I should get these out of the way! ...Or something...

I have a five page paper due in less than two hours and I don't even know what I'm supposed to write it on! I need to look it up... But I've been sick, which raises my lazy factor by ten billion. Then I need to study for my German final tomorrow, which I originally thought was Monday. At least it's like 1 in the afternoon so I can study tomorrow, too. ...And I really need to work on my stories. I guess there's always break, but still, when I don't update people give up and I don't get those beautiful reviews that I love so much.

I'm feeling much better, by the way. I've just been eating crackers,jello, and Corn Pops and drinking 7-Up, while lying in bed either doing Paint by Numbers or playing Game Boy, and then randomly getting online and staring at things. Or reading the newest chapter of Inuyasha from Japan, which I just finished doing. The internet is both a blessing and a curse. Last night, I was feeling almost as better, and I was supposed to be in the improv show (last one of the semester, I might add), so I went and did that. My nausea kind of kicked in, but I made it through. Plus, it was a lot of fun! It's really rare for a freshman to be in a show period their first semester, but me and two other guys have all had experience, so we've all gotten to be in at least two shows. It's great.

When I get this thing done, I should ask my friend to take the paper to our teacher. I don't know if I should walk too much (standing for a long period of time is what's making feel the sickest), and she's in my class. I sure hope she hasn't turned in her paper or late thingy (which I all ready used, so I have to do it XP)... Oh well, she's nice, maybe she will. Plus, I've been wearing my PJs all day, I don't feel like changing. It's a sick thing!

I think I'm going to kill candy__chan. She found a site that has really good prices on tons of DVDs and decided to give me the link. Looking at the site (with it's huge only until December 23rd sale), I realized that I could get almost every DVD (or episodes, at least) that I've been wanting for under $300. This sounds like a lot, but were I to keep buying them like I have been, it would cost me over $1500. Plus, my grandma may give me the same gift I got for my birthday and last Christmas (aka 200 smackers), so that could be used. But I only have until the 23rd and the price goes up. I don't know if I should get a ton of DVDs for extremely cheap or wait and spend a ton more money but have it spread out. The thing is, if I get these things, I'll only have to get two more DVDs from Suncoast or wherever and I won't have to buy any more unless they decide to release Animaniacs on DVD! I'll be done with shopping for these stupid anime shows!!! ...Unless I find another really good one, that is. And then there's still the manga that I'm wasting money on. It also turns out that this site takes checks, so I'm pretty much deciding if I should buy everything at once while it's on sale on a freakishly cheap site anyway, or not... I have the money, but I kind of want to use it for school and stuff (yay graduation)... I hope Grandma gives me that present and I freaking decide!!! WHY DID YOU GIVE ME THAT LINK, CANDY__CHAN?! WHY?!

...I really need to do that paper.

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Well, folks, it's going great!!! Can I just say that? I got my fishies, I started cleaning my room (I'm lazy, what can I say?), and the shows went GREAT!!! We set records for opening night at Augie! It was sold out! And it was just so much fun having an audience laughing and applauding! It really added to the show! I'm so glad my parents, themonkeymaiden, and Rachie came! It made me happy! There was also another kid from my high school there. I don't know WHY, but he was. He even stayed for improv. Speaking of which, that went AWESOME!!! That's one of my lines in the title... I got to be in 5,4,3,2,1, Forward Reverse (which was just me and two other people ^_^), Blind freeze (that was everybody, though), and Challenge at the last minute. It was my second time playing and the first time I actually got to talk, and after a while, I did really well! I almost won it! It was so much fun! I hope I get to be in a show again soon, I loved it! Then me and my guests went out for pizza/ice cream. All together, I had a very very good day! I wish I had more of these, lol.


(Is this not the funniest icon ever? I found it yesterday...)
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Well, Honk! starts tomorrow! Our last rehearsal just got over, and I must say, the show is looking great!!! I'm so excited! It's so much fun, and I'm sure the audiences will like it. Doing 9 performances in 8 days (with two of those off) seems like a lot, but I enjoy it so much! I'm also really happy that themonkeymaiden, Rachie-chan, AND my brother will be coming to see it! He's coming all the way from Chicago, and he's never seen me in anything! He'll be here next Saturday, though, the other two are coming tomorrow ^_^.

Ooo ooo ooo!!! More good news! I finally checked my college e mail, and the Improv group has two shows at the same time tomorrow. I mean, I go to rehearsals, but I've never been in a show. However, I GET TO BE IN THE SHOW ON THE MAINSTAGE TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! I'm so excited!!! It's my Improv premiere!!! I've been wanting to be in a show for so long (two months, but hey, that's longish!)! This one freshman has all ready done a show or two, and me and another guy are getting are first shots tomorrow! The one who's done it before is in my group, and the other kid goes to the coffee shop where they usually perform, but he and another guy will have to rush over there cause they're in Honk!, too. But the group leader understands (HE'S in Honk!, too!). I'm just so pumped!!!

I want to force Christie to take me out to get my fish tomorrow... She's being such a jerk lately! She usually knocks on my door to make sure I wake up in time for Religion, but recently, she's been doing it like five minutes before class!!! I explain to her that I turn off my alarm and go back to bed cause that's just how my mind works at that hour, but no!!! She's too busy with herself! I'm sorry, but you need to think of your friends education before how good you look. Gr... Too bad she's my ride everywhere, otherwise I'd tell her off...

Oh yeah! You remember that Sorry Everybody site? They keep reformatting, and my pic is now toward the bottom of 89. Actually, it was the very bottom the last I looked, but you never know when that'll change.

Oh well, things to do! My room looks like crap (still), and I should probably look at my homework since I've got the show this weekend... Later!


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