Nov. 1st, 2005 04:14 pm
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It's starting again... It's been starting again for a while, and I want to stop it, but I haven't been able to. I just got to that horrible point I got to last year again. Crap, what am I supposed to do?! I'm trying my best keep it from going on, so why doesn't it stop?! ERG! The biggest problem is that I enjoy trying to relax myself, but those are the exact things I can't do at this point if I wanna keep this from happening again! So no messengers, fics, icons, etc. for a while. And if you see me making any, yell at me. Except for "The Gospel According to Ed." Cause I heart that one. Other than that, I am not allowed any extra stuff until I say I can do it. So help me out with this, please!

In a lot of crap,
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Well, I haven't updated in ages. I have had a crap load of homework and I've been really sick, so that's why. And I have to go work on a project with Joe in 15 minutes, so this'll be quick.

Kaitou Kid DVD is awesome! It rocked my socks in both English and Japanese. More so in Japanese. Oh, Kappei Yamaguchi... I've also finally started to watch Cowboy Bebop thanks to my friend John. Seen the first five episodes so far, and it looks good! Other than that, no TV, so I've been missing new Teen Titans, Naruto, Inuyasha, and FMA. Oh well. My mom's taping the first three cause I forgot about the new ones for FMA XD. I also need to buy all of my new Graphic Novels... Bah! A curse on you, college! But I have to finishing paying for my New York trip this week and make my down payment for Tanzania, so we'll see.

In other randomness, I got Photoshop from Susan! Woo hoo! Now I'll never get off this thing XD. I plan on putting up some fics later tonight in the midst of my fifty million homework assignments, so if you like reading stuff and the shows I like, check them out ^^;. Okay, now I'm blabbering severely. Laters!

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KAITOU KID CAME OUT TODAY!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! My mommy said she'll look for it for me. She'd better get it up here! I want Kaitou pronto! Especially before [profile] candy__chan, cause she got Inuyasha movie 3 before I did and that's so not fair, lol. Also, today is the 12th anniversary of Animaniacs! Yay random celebrations!

Play rehearsals are going good. My errors on sound board are becoming few and far between. I should be good by opening night. It's a weird play, and yet it's really funny. Especially Joe in the toast scene. I actually make an effort to look over the sound board to watch that one. You should come up and see a 19 year old drinking actual beer on stage at a dry campus and toasters that toast to the verge of flames on light. It's awesome.

While reading Cassie's journal (I only comment when I find something to say, lol), I realized that I hadn't updated my interests in forever, so I did that. I originally would have had to explain Cartoon Network, Miroku, and Terra (TERRA!!!!!111one), but now, well...

Look at your LJ interests list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one, and explain it. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em.

Beast Boy: He's awesome. Best of the five main Titans in my opinion. Cause Terra is so much cooler than all of them. And then Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven tie for third. Robin's annoying.

FanFiction.net: I like to write! And I suck at making my own characters. In fact, I posted a new one-shot today, "Citizen Kaito." I made an effort to finish it yesterday so I could post it on Kaitou day, hee hee.

Inuyasha: It's a really good show. The characters and storylines are so in depth that it's easy to find something to love. Plus, I watched it from episode one, so I'm not an annoying screaming fangirl. I'm just a normal annoying fangirl, lol.

Miroku: Apparently, I have to explain him anyway! He rocks. I wish I had a black hole in my hand. Even though it would kill me. And he's not hard to look at. And he makes me laugh. And he's a nice guy deep down inside.

Shonen Jump: Lots of manga for five bucks a month. It saves on my having to buy graphic novels, I'll tell you that! Plus, they're all worth reading. Even Yu-Gi-Oh! is tolerable in it's original format. And how else are you going to know the story of One Piece without having your ears bleed?

Zelda: Best video game series ever. Halo and Final Fantasy are stupid! Okay, I've never played them, but I've grown up with Zelda, and it's my kind of game. Areas open up to you as you gain items, you become "stronger" as the story goes along, and you get to stab stuff.
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Well, I'm dead. Not really. But still. My parents now know how much crap I've gotten myself into and they're all gung ho getting me better. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to wait to tell them, cause I like resting! I still don't have a job. Outside of the one at my church. Gr.

Well, since things were very depressing these last 24 hours, a few things cheered me up. Like the fact that my favorite episode of Teen Titans was on. Ah, Terra. She was so cool. Especially in that first one. And then the funniest thing ever happened in the Inuyasha manga and it made me smile all day. I won't go into details for those of you who don't want spoilers and those of you who could care less, but wow I love Sango. Only she could turn things around like that and still have it be completely innocent *grins*. I'll give details to anyone who cares.

So, yeah. Those are the highlights in my life, sadly. Whose Line was funny... And I posted some stuff on Fanfiction.net. I still need to get things up for that site, though. Heh, sorry Cassie! Ah, OCD. Oh well. Now I need to get off so my mom can do something and then... I don't know. I have to go to the doctors and apply everywhere else I haven't yet. I blame Bush! Well, the job thing is his fault at least.

Whenever I feel like it again,
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Fanfiction.net has just about had the last straw with me. I think they make up new rules to cut down on the size of the site. Now they're saying that anything with song lyrics you didn't write is illegal. For Pete's sake, that's a ton of stories! And they always disclaim the lyrics! It's crap! I'm this close to leaving. If I can find a good place and a way to let my very few readers know, I probably will get out of there. They're freaking Nazis. Grr!!! I mean, it has it's good points, but this is so frustrating! They're going to loose everybody if they keep this up!

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Well, today is basically the day for celebrating my birthday even though it's in exactly one week ^^. My parents will be in Michigan next weekend, so they came up today and we went to dinner, had cake at this little park, and I opened one present. It was fun, and yet still sort of depressing. Later tonight, we're doing a mass birthday cookie cake for Christie (who's birthday is today), me, and this other girl on our floor whose birthday is Tuesday. It seems like I won't be doing much on my real b-day. I mean, my "friends" here are limited. It's kind of sad. Hey, anybody wanna take a trip to Sioux Falls next Sunday? *grins*

And now, I must go back to my horribly messed up life. Well, it's been worse, but German has taken a bad turn. That's all I'll say for now. I pray that I can get everything back in line while there's still time for me to salvage my GPA. Plus, my mom said she would buy me Invader Zim (I told her I wanted it, even though I've only seen like two episodes) if I got As and Bs. Must work harder! lol.

Hopefully, I'll post a lot of stuff on ff.net on my birthday. But candy__chan's the only person here who reads those. And you guys frankly don't need to check them out, cause my stories are kind of weird and really bad. But I thought I should say that. ...I need to finish that hat. I've been working on it all week.

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I'm feeling better! I mean, the problem's still there, but personally I'm doing great! I still have a lot of work to do, but I can! You know what's really weird? FanFiction.net. The stories that I care the least about writing are the ones that do the best for me! Seriously. I made this one chapter story just for the heck of it, and in the last four days nearly twenty people have reviewed it. It's insane! I don't understand it at all... Oh well.

Yesterday in choir, Dr. J said he would have a big announcement for us today. And of course, we all knew what it would be about. That being where next summer's international tour will be. They've gone to places like Norway, France, Germany, Italy, and most recently Ireland. So at the end of rehearsal today, he finally decided to tell us, not without a joke about "I just saved big money on my car insurance..." Hee hee, I thought it was funny. And now, this is pretty much exactly what he said to us, and my mental reaction.

DR. J: Have you heard of Lake Victoria?
ME: (being the geography whiz that I am, my eyes went very wide at this. Everyone else just nodded while trying to remember where it is)
DR. J: Have you heard of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
ME: (everyone else still seemed to not fully catch what he was getting at. I was about falling off my seat)
DR. J: We will be going to Tanzania.

I had seen this coming, but still, I freaked out with everyone else. And the seniors were mad, but they can come if they really want to. Dr. J even said so. So yeah. As long as I get back in gear with my school work, get a job, and something doesn't happen that makes this plan fall through (which is highly possible), I will be in Africa for about two weeks next summer. Seriously.

For those of you who still are confused, this is where I'll be (I hope):

Actually, there's a story behind this. While on tour, we went to a church that has a sister church there, which is what got Dr. J interested in the first place, I think. We're mostly going there to help show them what it means to be Lutheran, and he told those of us that aren't that we'll have to be for this trip, lol. He also said that it's a British country, so their English will be better than ours. Again, it could possibly fall through, but he said he didn't want to tell us until he was pretty much positive that this was going to work. He even said that there would be two days for Safaris! So, I REALLY need to get a job set up while I'm on break, get my grades back up, and get a new passport, probably a Visa, and a lot of shots. Yay!
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Beware the Ides of March! Or... something like that, lol. Really, is it fact that Caesar died on this day, or are we just taking it from the Shakespeare? I know they're certain it was 44 B.C. (I refuse to add the freaking E), but still. Bah, I just wanna crawl under my bed and let the world move around for a while without me. Or have it stop, so I won't be as far behind. Things are still messed up and bad, but I just don't wanna mention them. I've been in a very talkative mood today, which I guess is a good thing.

I actually put up a new story yesterday. It was a one chapter thingy, but I'm proud of myself. I also, sadly, got an idea for a new one, so now I've got around nine that are technically on my "To Do" list, although I refuse to do them all at once. I've also got DVDs to watch and video games to beat. And the games are mostly original Nintendo remakes, cause those are freaking impossible for someone as bad as I am.

Nothing else too exciting. Bri (from college) finally found her puppet Fermina who had been kidnapped since January. Still don't know who was behind the "theft." Somebody found her inside this random suit of armor in the theater office. She was really happy about it, which made me laugh. And there is my story about someone I've never mentioned to any of you before!

...Can't focus... Must find something to do, but can't... Crap.

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Hey!!! I'm still alive!! Haven't left the country yet, though...

I think my brain's gonna explode. If anyone knows about the focusing problem I was having in high school, it's back, but it's not as bad, actually... Just different cause I'm in college now. Yeah, it's not good. But the counselors are downstairs, so I'm gonna talk to them... tomorrow, probably!

I'm writing as often as I can! I've started posting "Tartarus," my next Teen Titans story, cause I'm just getting sick of the crap Terra's been getting... Speaking of Terra, I got the action figure this weekend!!! YAY!!! I heart it!! And it comes with BB, which is nice! I also found out that Christie completely agrees with me on my views on her!

Man... I just can't focus on my work!!! And I have a test tomorrow and I didn't finish reading the book yet XD. I'm only halfway through it, but I can't bring myself to work on it! I wish weekends were longer, you know?

Honk! starts on Saturday! I'm a little nervous, but the set is mostly done and the lines are more or less memorized. It's not as bad as my last high school play was looking at this point, I'll tell you that! Heck, it's not as bad as any of my high school plays were looking XD. Once we get in costumes and stuff, I'm sure it'll feel great. It's such a fun show! The director told me I was doing a great job the other day and I was like "...Okay." Hee hee, you know me, though. I always think I stink!!!

So, as I sit here not doing my homework, I've gotten so bored I've actually started making quizzes on some random web site that I found (I think it's British XD). Two, actually. About Inuyasha. One's just a knowledge thingy and the other is a personality quiz. I got even more bored and took both of them. Obviously I got a perfect on the facts one, but I didn't know what to expect with the other one. It said that I was Kagome and I was the least like Kagura... Yeah...

You're Kagome!

What's Your Inuyasha Personality?

This is what I do when I can't make my brain work!!!

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So, Fall Break is now over *sniff sniff*. I must admit, it went by very quickly... I didn't get to do most of the things I needed to, but I was relaxing!!! I may go home for Halloween just so I can Trick or Treat at my church... Hee hee hee... My costume is awesome!!!

So, the impossible finally happened and I UPDATED ONE OF MY FICS!!! "The Youkai of Oz" to be precise. Check it out, would ya? ^_^ I'm a sucker for reviews!

And so, my life continues. "Honk!" is ever approaching (and my brother is coming to see it!!! YAY!!!), I'm still writing, and I have classes... This weekend was nice, though. I've missed my Cartoon Network! Wow, that election thing they're doing is PERFECT!!! The people they picked perfectly mirror the real candidates! Ironically, though, I voted for Ed but I voted in the real election (absentee) for Kerry.

I'm getting SOOOOO worried about this election... I am praying to every god (especially the one I believe in) that Bush doesn't win! Me and mischeivousmonkey are so moving to Canada if that happens... I hear it's nice up there... Then we can get married, my darling! lol

I'm getting some fishies!!! I have the aquarium, and I have to leave the water in it for a week, so hopefully somebody here will take me to get them! I have the types and names decided on and everything *laughs evilly*. I'm really enjoying myself for some unknown reason right now...

I should go... Stuff to do, and unfortunately, that means I need time! I shall return!

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Well, I finally got off my lazy butt and took my computer to the doctor (aka Computer Help Desk). I'm proud to say that what I thought might be the problem is what they said it most likely was, so I'll probably have it back as good as new tomorrow!!!

Mid-Terms week is the worst of the year. Even the other students are saying that. At least for finals everything else stops. The world keeps turning during this week. But... FALL BREAK IS COMING UP!!! And yes, all of my pals back home, I will be going there! I'll be home from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon, so look me up!!! I'll probably want to just rest on Saturday though... Whatever you guys want.

I'm soooooooooo tired... I have a test tomorrow, too... *sigh* I'm also being way too lazy and totally did not go to my voice lesson earlier in the week because I hadn't done anything I was supposed to do for it and am now playing "Dodge the Teacher" until I get it done and give her a good excuse XD. Yes, I know you're all like "Bad msbbt!!!" but give me a break! The wedding really threw me for a loop. I can't wait to get home. I'll probably be getting some fish when I'm there too! That'll be nice, cause then I'll have company in my room!

I cannot wait to get my computer again... For one, they finally made the next 8-bit theater movie but I can't watch it now cause there are a ton of people in the lab and they're actually studying like I haven't been doing. Plus all of my other stuff... I wonder just how sick it is? I'd like to see whatever infected it so I can laugh cause I am easily amused!

After break, Honk! is coming up. Performances are Nov. 13-14 and 18-20 at 7:30 (except it's in the afternoon on the Sunday one, I can't remember the time) in case you wanna see it! I also need to pick up a few Inuyasha DVDs I ordered... Maybe my parents can drop me off at the mall on Tuesday (since the second one should be in). I wish I had a car.

As I continue ranting and having very short paragraphs, I have a mildly amusing story. One day, Candy-chan was talking about how she was making a music video on Movie Maker. I realized that I have that on my computer yesterday, but I don't think it will record off of my DVDs. Oh well! Hee hee, for Acting we have to present a "private moment" next week in which we do something for 3 to 5 minutes that's unique to us, and I'm totally bringing in my computer and watching Inuyasha. I need to find a good five minute clip, though... Episode 56's awesome scene is only 2 and a half minutes, and all of the good stuff in 41 is around seven with the stupid stuff in the middle. Maybe they'll let me fast forward... I tend to do that anyway! Or I could go to one of the previews on the movie DVD and keep rewinding this really short scene where Sango lights on fire (again) while Miroku hits on some other girls... I honestly rewound it that many times the first time I saw it! Only problem is, that stuff is only subtitled, and I think they would appreciate hearing English.

I'll hopefully update something on ff.net in the near future... I haven't in forever, and I REALLY need to so people keep reviewing! I have a lot of homework, writing/planning, and other random crap to do, so I'll just go off on more random topics later!!!


(Okay, the next letters would make it iaeoe. You've GOTTA know it!)
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Well, after going through a very painful 24 hours when my internet kept freezing after one freaking page, I have finally gotten it to work again (I'm not 100% sure how, but I did it!!!)! I'm slowly but surely working on my fics, so don't worry. Youkai of Oz chapter 6 should be done shortly, and once my brain starts working, my other stories will come!!

I've still been busy, although homework isn't as loaded this week like it was last week. This week is Homecoming, which in college truly is a week of events, not three days of random decorations and two real days of festivities. Coronation was last night, and it wasn't as nearly as long and boring as I thought it would be. The choir was just an after thought really, we weren't that important to it, but it wasn't that bad. What was really funny was that the tallest girl and the shortest guy got it, so she was a lot taller than he and seeing them walking together was highly amusing. Today was slightly annoying, however, because they decided to have dinner outside (which means less options generally), and it was not exactly warm out. They were also blaring really bad music, like that one song. I can never remember it's name, but it's that one where all it is is a guy telling you how to dance. I HATE that song! The parade is next Saturday. I'm helping the Theater with their float. The choir marches (due to an odd tradition), so I may or may not run back and forth between the two (something that many highly involved people do). Over all, I am pretty annoyed by Homecoming, but is that any different than usual?

Candyland gave me a great idea! I should post some of the stories that ff.net won't hold anymore onto here! So keep your eyes open, some of my entries may become fics!

*yawns* I be tired, I shall leave you all now (since SOOO many people look at my account *insert sarcasm*).

TTYL (or something like that),


(You STILL haven't figured it out?! What am I not doing to tip you off?!)
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Well, college has been going good! I got to go to a free Christian music festival this weekend! I saw Casting Crowns and Newsboys!!! My sister wants to kill me now, LOL. Sorry you had to miss them, Chuy!

Anywho, I finally cracked! Fanfiction.net has pulled the last straw! Or, uh, whatever... Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that their whole problem with script format has ticked me off to the extreme!! They've taken down "Blame Kakarott" and "Whose Line Is It Anyway, DBZ Style!" for Pete's sake!!! Please, if you are as angry about their little campaign, go here!!!



(PLEASE tell me you know what it is by now!)
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Lordy, have I been busy! I'm finally moved into my room, and there are just a few decorating things that I need to take care of. I've also got a couple of errand type things that I need to do in the next couple of days, a few auditions, one or two more books to buy, finish up orientation, and then start classes on Wednesday.

In other words, I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!!! Hopefully things will calm down once orientation gets over with. My class schedule really isn't that bad. But, I don't know what my open time will be like, so if you know me on fanfiction.net, my updates may or may not come back in the near future. I'll just have to see.

Well, I should go!

Until we meet again,

(Have you figured it out yet?)


Aug. 25th, 2004 12:33 pm
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Hi, everybody! I'm msbbt! Can you figure out what it stands for? Mwah ah ah!

I thought I should do something introductory on my first day! I am a crazy 18 year old who loves cartoons. I'm also on fanfiction.net under the name Fred the Mutant Pickle in case you want to check that out. I might talk about that a lot in my entries... ^-^

Anyway, I'm about to start college, and I'm kind of nervous, but it'll be fun, you know? I like making people laugh more than anything else. My favorite shows are Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Inuyasha (obsession alert!), MST3K, Trigun, Powerpuff Girl (the first few seasons were good), Teen Titans (obsession alert!), Whose Line?, Monk, and Rurouni Kenshin (although I'm reading the manga now...). I've seen many animes (I count them as a type of cartoon), and pretty much every show on Cartoon Network, although with school coming up, my TV time will drastically be cut down...

Well, it's late! I'd better go! See ya around!


(figure it out, yet?)

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