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Well, I just watched Inuyasha Movie 3. And may I say, wow. I mean, I saw the subbed version half a year ago, but seeing it in English was just... great. I loved the dub to pieces. It's definitely my favorite of the Yasha movies (it's weird. I refer to the show as Yasha and the character as Inu). You've gotta love a movie with Sesshomaru and co., though. It even featured all of my favorite Inuyasha couples in a sense, too! Inuyasha/Kagome, obviously, Miroku/Sango (THAT SCENE CAME OUT SO AWESOME!!!), and Sesshormaru/Rin. Yes, I'm a Fluffy/Rin fan. When she's older, for Pete's sake! And yeah, once again Kirby Morrow and Kelly Sheridan pulled off an awesome scene between each other. I literally screamed in fangirl happiness. And my door was open. I can't wait to see how 132 comes out... They're so talented! Dubbing has to be hard, you know. Even Rin is good, and her voice actress is like 14 o_O. Of course, the original is awesome. I guess it's just easier to feel the emotion in your own language. English and Japanese are very different when it comes to expressing emotions. But yeah. Thank you very much, VIZ. I love this movie. Now, why couldn't you wait until 136 like you were supposed to? It makes my favorite scene so uberly random!

And now, some funny lists I thought up from watching the movie.

Favorite characters
This has gone through many changes in the day, and today I realized it needed major updated, as the last time I wrote one it went:
1. Sango
2. Inuyasha
3. Rin
4. Miroku
5. Sesshomaru
6. Kirara
7. Kagura
Now it goes... um... *thinks*
1. Sango
2. Bankotsu
3. Miroku
4. Sesshomaru
5. Rin
6. Inu-Papa
7. Inuyasha
8. Kagura
9. Jakotsu
10. Kirara

The many stages of Tetsusaiga (SPOILER WARNING)

1. Ooo, a new sword that can turn into a big fang!

2. Uh oh, I need a new attack! Sesshomaru can do it! I'll have to meet this old annoying guy and learn it while fighting Sesshomaru, going blind, and finally seeing Kaze no Kizu (Wound of the Wind) [dub: Wind Scar], the ultimate attack!

3. Great, the sword broke and I keep turning into a demon, which vanishes after about 30 episodes or so. So I had the guy fix it, but now it's too heavy. I must defeat the enemy my father died to defeat and learn Bakuryuuha (Exploding Current Blast) [Backlash Wave], the ultimate attack!

4. Gasp! Naraku now has a barrier! I must kill some big thing that's supposed to be a bat and gain the power to destroy barriers with the Akai Tetsusaiga (Red Tetsusaiga), which becomes obsolete after I use it for a dozen episodes!

5. Well, now that the Shichinintai Arc is over, Naraku has a new body and new minions! Since FMP doesn't know this story line exactly, something happens where while not thinking about powering up my sword, I get the power of Kongousouha (Diamond Spear Blast) [no dub name yet], the ultimate attack!

6. Hey, the anime's over! Well, the manga keeps going. Mouryoumaru sucks! And now I'm fighting a guy with a sword that sucks with magical scale thingies! But once I beat him, Tetsusaiga sucks! Yes, I now have the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga!

7. Fight a creepy old tree guy on the night of the new moon, get some stuff that stops the youki from shooting back out at me from my new sucking sword! Cause that... sucks.

8. Okay, confusing story with Mouryoumaru, Kinka, and Ginka. And now my Dragon-scale Tetsusaiga has FIRE POWER! Woo hoo!

9. I'm currently helping some guy that's supposed to help me truly master my new sword in the manga, possibly teaching me the ultimate attack!

Sesshomaru: Moron. Watch me use Tenseiga's Meidou-Zangetsuha (Blast of the Dark Path of Dawn's Moon o.o;)!!!

Inuyasha: Ack! *runs away*

...That was long ^^;

Marching Choir tomorrow morning!!!
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I'm feeling better! I mean, the problem's still there, but personally I'm doing great! I still have a lot of work to do, but I can! You know what's really weird? FanFiction.net. The stories that I care the least about writing are the ones that do the best for me! Seriously. I made this one chapter story just for the heck of it, and in the last four days nearly twenty people have reviewed it. It's insane! I don't understand it at all... Oh well.

Yesterday in choir, Dr. J said he would have a big announcement for us today. And of course, we all knew what it would be about. That being where next summer's international tour will be. They've gone to places like Norway, France, Germany, Italy, and most recently Ireland. So at the end of rehearsal today, he finally decided to tell us, not without a joke about "I just saved big money on my car insurance..." Hee hee, I thought it was funny. And now, this is pretty much exactly what he said to us, and my mental reaction.

DR. J: Have you heard of Lake Victoria?
ME: (being the geography whiz that I am, my eyes went very wide at this. Everyone else just nodded while trying to remember where it is)
DR. J: Have you heard of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
ME: (everyone else still seemed to not fully catch what he was getting at. I was about falling off my seat)
DR. J: We will be going to Tanzania.

I had seen this coming, but still, I freaked out with everyone else. And the seniors were mad, but they can come if they really want to. Dr. J even said so. So yeah. As long as I get back in gear with my school work, get a job, and something doesn't happen that makes this plan fall through (which is highly possible), I will be in Africa for about two weeks next summer. Seriously.

For those of you who still are confused, this is where I'll be (I hope):

Actually, there's a story behind this. While on tour, we went to a church that has a sister church there, which is what got Dr. J interested in the first place, I think. We're mostly going there to help show them what it means to be Lutheran, and he told those of us that aren't that we'll have to be for this trip, lol. He also said that it's a British country, so their English will be better than ours. Again, it could possibly fall through, but he said he didn't want to tell us until he was pretty much positive that this was going to work. He even said that there would be two days for Safaris! So, I REALLY need to get a job set up while I'm on break, get my grades back up, and get a new passport, probably a Visa, and a lot of shots. Yay!
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Well, today was fun, I guess. We had to sing Vivaldi's "Gloria" with the South Dakota Symphony tonight and my parents came up to see it. We had supper at Fuddruckers, which was good as always. It was kind of funny, cause "Best Years of Our Lives" came on the radio and I couldn't stop laughing. candy__chan will understand that reference. Then we went to Best Buy cause we still had like an hour and I FINALLY got the next Inuyasha DVD. I HAVE EPISODE 78 NOW!!! WOOO!!! True, I did all ready see it, but it was like 3 in the morning, and I have a few subtitled clips, but this is still nice ^^. I'll probably watch it... soonish. Heh, even though I missed it for Elsa's stupid wedding and they stopped showing new ones right after it until January (of which I missed all, lol), I am still victorious!!!

The performance went well. My parents said the first half was really good, too, as we were only in the second. Then we got ice cream. Yum. I mean, I'm still having problems, but that doesn't mean I can't have a good time! Christie and I even hung out last night. Yeah. Shocking. We watched the first half of Harry Potter, hee hee.

Okay, if you wanna stop reading now, feel free, cause I'm gonna start ranting about the world now. Most specifically, what the crack monkey is wrong with it. I mean, people are dying everywhere!!! Okay, I know this is technically normal, but all of these murders are driving me crazy! People are getting killed at church services and funerals! FUNERALS! And then people are shooting judges and/or their families! I just don't understand it. This is just a terrible, terrible time in world history. And there's nothing we can do. Well, there was one thing, but that ended on November 2nd. Grrr. *sigh* Oh well, at least I have brownies...

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Valentine's Day has to be my least favorite holiday. I mean, it's named for a saint that got beheaded, right? For some reason, we say it's all about love, and yet I find it only to be a stupid excuse to give money to candy, card, floral, and jewelry companies. Therefore, I do not really celebrate it. Although, I must admit, those Necco Sweethearts are really good... ^^

Today sucked. Seriously. I once again couldn't find my Zoloft, and we had a choir concert that my parents came up for. This stuff wasn't bad, especially because I FINALLY found my medicine and can start taking it again tomorrow morning ^_^. However, here's where life went bad. Christie always gives me a ride to stuff. Always. She always comes to me and tells me when she's leaving. She didn't today. By the time I realized that she had completely forgotten me, it was too late for me to catch anybody else. I ended up walking about 25 blocks to where the concert was, and was about half and hour or more late. And her apology was... lacking. In fact, she's once again ignoring me. I tried not to blame her in explaining, and didn't even tell my parents about it. But I am sooooooo mad at her. Oh fudge, we have a floor meeting. Thus ends my ranting. If you know a way to bug Christie for forgetting me, please do so!

Okay, I'm adding onto this. God, I hate it here!!! It's a great school with great teachers and great acquaintances, but I have no friends. At all. And the people who do know about how shy am I don't try to help me meet people at all (aka Christie). We were working on some stupid shirt thingy tonight, and I'm not even getting one because I am not a part of this group. I'm just me. That's it. I don't fit in anywhere. The only problem is, I wouldn't fit in anywhere else, so I'm not leaving. I can't stand it! Apparently, my old roommate is now moving in with somebody else on this floor, which just makes me feel even more like a loser. I hate this. I hate it soo much. They wanted us all to make bags for people to put Valentines in. Yeah, like I'm getting any! I wrote "Card and Candy Companies Day. Was there even a point in me making this?" Chirstie's all like "It's singles awareness day!" Dude, her boyfriend broke up with her last week and who wants to bet she'll have one by next week? Seriously. She's such a freaking flirt! It's no wonder he called it off! And she just wants to hang out with her new buddies and doesn't even bother to really introduce me. Did I mention that I hate it here? I don't even know who I'm gonna room with next year. Choosing a roomie requires actually being friends with somebody, and I refuse to pay for a single. Lord, I hope I don't have to this semester! Sadly, this is probably the best college I'm gonna find, and I still freaking hate it! I now remember why I like skipping floor meetings, it just makes me feel even more pathetic.

I'm really sorry you all had to read that, but I just wanna leave these dorms and never come back. The best/worst thing is, I'm sure no one would even notice. But that requires me having to pay for an apartment, which I can't do. ERG!!! I just wish people would realize that I wait to be approached! I'm not antisocial once you start talking to me!!! Why does the best school still have to suck? Why?! Of course, this is me talking after a week of not having my meds, so that could be affecting it. Although I still feel like crap during times like this after I've taken them. I can't stand it here. But there's nowhere else for me to go. Just one friend! That's all I ask for! One!!! Please!!! ...Did I mention that I hate it here?

...Erg, sorry again,
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I just met the most terrifying person I have ever seen in my life. Yes, it even topped when I had to go to that Bush rally. Fact is, it was the guy who did the art for the newest exhibit at the gallery. I mean, he was funny and all, but I frankly felt really uncomfortable around him, although I don't know why. The strangest part was when he was like, "Go get me a soda!" and I stood there for a moment and he then proceeded to tell me what he wanted, and I next found myself across the street at the archeology lab, where I have never been before and it smelled funny, asking the lady there who also runs the art gallery if they had any of the stuff he wanted. The irony came in the fact that I had just read the first chapter in Fruits Basket vol. 7 in which Hiro starts picking on Tohru for picking up his shoe after he told her to. I'm frankly very glad to be sitting in my safe little room right now...

As for more terrifying news, I can't find my medicine! I had what I needed for the trip with me and I left the rest of it here, but I cannot find it. Needless to say, I haven't taken it in four days and my emotions are running rampart. Also, my obsession level is waaaaaaaaay up. Not a good week, especially since classes started.

I need to write. I really need to write. But my brain doesn't like me... I should force myself or something... I'm really tired. Thanks to the lack of medication my sleep schedule is much odder than usual because I feel the insatiable need to kill all humans or something similar. Well, not really, but my mood swings are fatal right now. You did not want to see me after improv last night. True, I wasn't on the ball, and that happens, but I am 50 times harder on myself than usual and I'm usually pretty dang critical of me.

Brighter notes? My mommy came up yesterday and gave me a lot of stuff that I needed!!! That was good. And my math class is easy, which is also good. And no choir today! Yay! Seriously, after 12 straight days, three days off will be nice.

Whenever I feel the need to ramble again,
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Well, I'm back from tour! And I am pooped! No roomie yet, so I'm fairly certain that I won't be getting one. Oh well, that's life! Wow... I mean, tour was fun and all, but now I want my week off. And classes start tomorrow. Early bedtime for me!!!

I could go off on the wonderful stories of our trip, but they aren't that great even though a few are enjoyable, I guess. I just wanna sit around and do nothing for the next few days. Boo for classes starting tomorrow! They should have a "No class for people who were touring during break" day or something.

The Stupid... Super Bowl is tonight. I plan on keeping my usual tradition and not watch a bit of it. I kind of wish I could find an open TV, though, cause there's a Monk marathon for all of the non football fans like me. Oh well, that's life I guess.

I can't even think of anything else to say today...

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It's my mom's XXth birthday (censored in case she doesn't want the word out)! ...And she and like everybody else in my freaking family get to go see Shawn's play. But not me. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I HAVE CHOIR TOUR ALL NEXT WEEK!!! *fumes silently* Sure, I know it'll be fun, but I REALLY wanna see it... especially cause they have some cool equipment set up for special effects.

The final for my class is tomorrow. It shouldn't be too bad, though. This was a fun month. I still really need to do laundry and clean up in here before we leave on Saturday morning. I think I'll need to buy some stuff, too... Maybe Christie is going out sometime.

I am bored and tired. But no bed yet. We've got improv tonight, and we're finally diving head first into the stuff for the long-form style show. We're doing a Survivor/reality TV thing, and although the "research" is slowly killing my brain cells, making fun of that sad excuse for entertainment will be quiet enjoyable! ..That is, if I'm allowed to be in the main part of the cast. Stupid being a freshman... My brain has also been hating me lately, and I once again have horrible writers block, which is bad cause now I doubt I'll get anything written until February 6th cause that's when we come back. Fortunately, it'll be early so everyone else can watch the Stupid Bowl... I mean Super Bowl.

I have a bunch of random quizzes again, but I just don't feel like posting any of them... Maybe my next entry. Besides, I can't remember how to do a cut (although I did find out).

Until... much later,

"I agree!"

Dec. 5th, 2004 10:27 pm
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Well, Vespers is over. I must admit, I highly enjoyed it even though we had five performances. It was much more fun than the high school concerts! Speaking of concerts, my parents are all excited about my band concert on Wednesday. However, I haven't had the heart to tell them that I've missed every rehearsal for this concert thanks to Honk! and Vespers, so I'll need to think up some sort of excuse so they don't waste their time coming here. Either that or pray we get a blizzard. ...Why can't I tell them?! I think I'm afraid of disappointing them. That's why I tell them that all of my classes are going fine when they really aren't. Curse you, phobias and OCD! Curse you I say!

Speaking of problems, I totally forgot to connect Sunday afternoon Vespers with Sunday afternoon work. I forgot to tell the lady in charge I wouldn't be there and by the time I remembered, it was too late to call anyone else. Needless to say, the Art Gallery didn't open today. I sure hope nobody showed up... People don't usually, but with my luck some huge tour bus or something showed up... If the lady who tends to come a lot came, I am dead meat. Only I could risk getting fired from a job that consists of sitting at a desk and doing homework...

I think one of my fishies is sick. One of her eyes looks funny. I hope she'll be all right, cause I really don't think it's possible to doctor fish, you know? Poor Terra... (that's her name). Sango and Hatori look fine though! Shoot, I'm almost out of food... Were my parents going to come on Wednesday like they think they are, this wouldn't be a problem, but my last final is on the fifteenth... I wonder if Schneider and I will have any free time to get some...

I'm the most scared about my religion class right now. I really need to talk to all of my profs, but I just get so scared! Religion is sort of fun right now, though. We have this thing called the Advent Service of Waiting tomorrow night, and it's actually just our class doing skits summarizing the course. Our group is basing ours on using the discussion boards, which we had to do a lot in the course. It's really funny. One kid keeps saying "I agree," and another one asks the dumbest questions. Then we have the "teacher" (which we're going to make our group leader play) come on and say that "he" keeps losing fingers, cause we had class canceled once because he got a really bad cut on one of his fingers. It's very funny. Another group is doing a class period and one of my friends is going to be the teacher. He was showing us what he was going to do and it was PERFECT! I think I'm going to have fun with this! Afterwards, we all have to go to Fryin' Pan (like Perkins down one level) for "breakfast" (at like midnight), and we have to sit down and pick up our water glass. Then we can leave or do whatever.

My mom got me the stuff for my crappy present idea, so I guess I'm doing it! She got me a ton, too, so I'm happy cause I was thinking "I may have to leave somebody out!" I also have auditions for "After Death" tomorrow and probably Tuesday. I know my monologue and all, but I need to throw together a monologue really fast. I believe I got a template in Acting... I'll have to look...

*looks back at entry* Wow. Did any of that have anything to do with anything? Yeah, didn't think so. That's why I call this RantFest!


(Yes, that does make sense. Right, daemonguard?)
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Speaking of recorders, I am going to have a heck of a time getting our recorder piece for Christmas Eve. I'm pretty sure I won't have time until I get back on the fifteenth, and even then I'll just want to rest. I'm seriously considering using Feliz Navidad. My dad will probably tell me I can't, but it's either that or the world's most random medoly, with is also something I've wanted to do for that. themonkeymaiden, if you have any ideas, please tell me!

Still lost on Christmas presents. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to give Christie, though, since she more or less told me something that she wants. I'll probably just use that stupid idea that I all ready had, but other things for people are just running short in my mind. I think I should just go shopping (preferably here since the mall is bigger, but I can make due in Sioux City, I guess) and look around. If something strikes my interest or makes me think of someone, I'll just get it. I can always look at themonkeymaiden's little list that she posted, but I like surprising people, so I'll see what happens.

Auditions for the next play are Monday and Tuesday. I have to go on Monday cause that's when they'll hear prepared auditions, and I'll probably be asked to come back on Tuesday so they can hear me read from the scripts since I'm a freshman and they aren't totally used to me yet. I think I know what monologue I'm going to use, but I had this evil idea to use something else that's similar but it isn't really a monologue since it isn't from a play. I could make it seem like it if I play my cards right, though. Both have to deal with death, which is what the next play (or should I say set of plays?) is about, so that's why I want to use them. And both are supposed to be delivered by men, but that really doesn't matter in this case. I don't know if I'll get a part or not. It'd be nice, but it really doesn't matter. I think I have a pretty good shot, but we'll just have to see.

Bah, I have a lot of homework... I should stop ranting and do that... I'll be back to complain (probably about Christmas) soon!

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*sniff sniff* Well, I just got back from strike. I'm so sad that Honk! is over!!! It was the best experience I've ever had on stage... Oh well. Auditions for the next show are after Thanksgiving, and who knows how that'll turn out... If I don't get in acting, I'll do tech anyways, but still... (although, the Honk! director is doing this next show and said "What makes you think you won't get in acting?" *shrugs* He tends to be overly nice though XD). I'm still very sad though... I mean, I'll see everyone (but the kids) again since I'm in other things with them, but I just feel so... empty.

Well, the votes are in! Nine audiences, nine different responses! And the winner of the Best Audience award is *drum roll, please*....


That's right! Our last audience stood out among the others not just in numbers, but in responsiveness (I just made up a word, didn't I?). In a very close second comes Thursday night, and after that is Opening night. Congratulations all of you, you tried very hard! ...Why did I even put this section in here?

Anyways, it was so nice to see my brother!!! I think he really liked it... XD. He seemed to be enjoying himself. David came, too, cause I think Rachel told him about it. I hadn't seen him in a while, so that was nice. I guess my brother can also come home for Christmas, so that makes me happy, too, cause we aren't always sure if he cane make it. My sister and brother-in-law (gak, I'm still not used to that...) SAY they can come, but we're not too sure ourselves cause that's when they're supposed to be on their Honeymoon... Whatever. Back to what I was talking about, he was telling us about his next show which is sort of an anime/samurai thing (and it's a sequel to a western.... o_O). It sounds so awesome! He apparently had to watch Samurai X for it, lol. So it's fun, especially cause I can talk to him about anime since he's seen a good amount of them (including Inuyasha). In fact, a few months ago he mentioned that he might base his role off of Sesshomaru. I dunno... I hope I can go see it, but I might be on choir tour and then have second semester... It depends on a lot, I guess. *looks at schedule* Hold your horses... I might be able to go!!! YAY!!!

*sigh* I'm so tired... Now it's time to start doing my school work again!!! XP Well, okay, I'll do that tomorrow... I'm gonna go to bed now... Or may just stare at stuff. Whatever.

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Well, after going through a very painful 24 hours when my internet kept freezing after one freaking page, I have finally gotten it to work again (I'm not 100% sure how, but I did it!!!)! I'm slowly but surely working on my fics, so don't worry. Youkai of Oz chapter 6 should be done shortly, and once my brain starts working, my other stories will come!!

I've still been busy, although homework isn't as loaded this week like it was last week. This week is Homecoming, which in college truly is a week of events, not three days of random decorations and two real days of festivities. Coronation was last night, and it wasn't as nearly as long and boring as I thought it would be. The choir was just an after thought really, we weren't that important to it, but it wasn't that bad. What was really funny was that the tallest girl and the shortest guy got it, so she was a lot taller than he and seeing them walking together was highly amusing. Today was slightly annoying, however, because they decided to have dinner outside (which means less options generally), and it was not exactly warm out. They were also blaring really bad music, like that one song. I can never remember it's name, but it's that one where all it is is a guy telling you how to dance. I HATE that song! The parade is next Saturday. I'm helping the Theater with their float. The choir marches (due to an odd tradition), so I may or may not run back and forth between the two (something that many highly involved people do). Over all, I am pretty annoyed by Homecoming, but is that any different than usual?

Candyland gave me a great idea! I should post some of the stories that ff.net won't hold anymore onto here! So keep your eyes open, some of my entries may become fics!

*yawns* I be tired, I shall leave you all now (since SOOO many people look at my account *insert sarcasm*).

TTYL (or something like that),


(You STILL haven't figured it out?! What am I not doing to tip you off?!)

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